Auto Society Epoxy Floor Bill of Spring 2022

In Session March 24th, 2022

Letourneau University Student Senate

Sponsored by Senators Byrne, Allen, SHAUGHNESSY

A Bill

Relating to the funding of a section of epoxy for Automotive Society.

Be it enacted by the LeTourneau University Student Senate

Short Title

Section A.

This act may be referred to as the "Auto Society Epoxy Floor Bill of Spring 2022"


Section B.

A total of $1,500 will be allocated for the purpose of putting epoxy floor underneath Auto Society’s new lift.

Effective Date

Section C.

This bill will become effective immediately upon passage.


Section D.

All funds not used in this manner will revert back to the Senate general fund.

Explanations and Reasoning

Section E.

Last semester Auto Society installed a new lift and have requested funding for an epoxy floor to increase longevity and ease of use.