sippy cup sponsorship of fall 2022

In Session November 10, 2022

Letourneau University Student Senate

Sponsored by Senator Farmer

A Bill

Relating to the expansion of student representation and the recruitment of new senators.

Be it enacted by the LeTourneau University Student Senate

Short Title

Section A.

This act may be referred to as the "Equal Representation Act of Fall 2022."


Section B.

Students shall be allowed to represent floors other than those which they live on conditional to:

a) the floor the student wishes to represent is unrepresented or has only one representative,

b) the student’s own floor is at least partially represented,

c) the floor the student wishes to represent elects the candidate by the same process as would happen for a resident of the floor,

d) the nonresident senator resigns within one month of being informed at least two residents of the floor they represent with to hold the office of senator,

e) upon being elected by another floor, the senator attends a set minimum number of floor events with their constituents per semester,

f) all qualifications to hold the office of senator aside from residency are met,

g) the floor which the student wishes to represent shall be in the building in which the student lives,

h) the floor which the student wishes to represent shall be of the same sex as the student (with the exception of representatives of the commuter students and those in married student housing),

i) enforcement of this bill (specifically the parts relating to attending floor events and resigning upon a resident wanting to take that position) shall be the responsibility of the sergeantat-arms as per Article II, Section C, Sub-section 2.1 of the LeTourneau Student Senate Constitution.

Effective Date

Section C.

This act shall become effective upon passage.


Section D.

The number of events the senator must participate in shall be determined in session by amendment to this bill. Should Senate not amend the bill in this way, the floor being represented shall decide what they wish the number to be, case by case.

Explanations and Reasoning

Section E.

Senate recruitment is currently significantly lower than we would like it to be. This bill will hopefully raise recruitment and bring representation to historically underrepresented categories o campus.