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The long-awaited sequel to the LETU Holiness Calculator, this piece of ancient wisdom can remind you of just how awful a sinner you are! (FOR FREE!)

Read more | 02/03/2022

-LibTourneau Lizard (psuedonymn)

Or will you, Mr. Kenobi? I'd like to evaluate the (in)famous "Buzz App" for what it is, what it can be, and what it ought to be no matter how some use it.

Read more | 01/28/2022

-Gabriel Willis

But you may ask, “Why should we care? It’s useless and unenforced, so it’s not worth our effort.” There are a few reasons.

Read more | 01/19/2022

-Joshua Porter

November - Fall 2021

How many students are vaccinated? What do students think of the change in mask policy? How about the campus carry of firearms? This survey has the answers.

Read more | 11/25/2021

-Gabriel Willis

The Buzz Word goes over the fun last month's Humans vs Zombies event.

Read more | 11/04/2021

-Francis Ko

OCTOBER - Fall 2021

In this article, Nathan Bright writes about the impact that free markets have on the general liberty of a society by using Venezuela as an example.

Read more | 10/31/2021

-Nathan Bright

On October 14th, the editors of The Buzz Word were interviewed by a local reporter. Only a little over a week later, we were on the front page!

Read more | 10/26/2021

-Gabriel Willis

After a lot of emails, meetings, surveys, and hard work on the parts of people like Dr. Ware, Dr. Conn, IT, and the Provost, the library's hours are returning to their former glory!

Read more | 10/22/2021

-Gabriel Willis

How is the system of capitalism affected by the gold standard and what happens when currency merely becomes a promise made by the government?

Read more | 10/17/2021

-Publius (pseudonym)

This piece of poetry by Nathan Moyes uses Biblical imagery to explore the topics of sin and repentance to avoid destruction.

Read more | 10/13/2021

-Nathan Moyes

The Bell Tower on campus HAS BEEN FIXED! After many years of the bell tower ringing several minutes before the hour, it was changed in a few ways.

Read more | 10/08/2021

-Gabriel Willis

Writing essays is one of the many torments that mankind has to put up with. While not the worst out there, not even close, it certainly is a pain in the rear end, and you’re about to see why.

Read more | 10/06/2021

-John Swifton (psuedonymn)

In this piece, the question of marriage is examined, in particular, how fixing your eyes on Christ ought to be the real focus of any Christian marriage.

Read more | 10/02/2021

-JosH (psuedonymn)

September - Fall 2021

Former President Pro-Tempore of Senate, Caleb LaQuey has graduated with and is now working on a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Read more | 09/25/2021

-Gabriel Willis

This encouraging piece examines what makes the difference between simply enduring difficult situations and choosing to persevere despite them.

Read more | 09/24/2021

-JosH (psuedonymn)

The return of international flags AND mobile printing! Dr. Shelby Ware has been making stuff HAPPEN! How can we improve further?

Read more | 09/16/2021

-Gabriel Willis

You may be a Christian, but just how good of one are you? Find out with this recently unearthed ancient text of LeTourneau holiness-determining power!

Read more | 09/14/2021

-LibTourneau Lizard (psuedonymn)

This Wednesday, LeTourneau will be hiring its very first COVID Response Coordinator. What will this mean for students?

Read more | 09/06/2021

-Gabriel Willis

Good intentions do not always equal good results. Hard work does not always equal success. But what is truly in our control?

Read more | 09/05/2021

-Gabriel Willis

August - Fall 2021

Why the shorter library hours? Dr. Shelby Ware, the Library Director, had this to say.

Read more | 08/17/2021, updated 08/24/2021

-Gabriel Willis

A long-time resident of Tyler Hall's 3B, and a Computer Engineering major, Wesley...

Read more | 08/19/2021

-Gabriel Willis