Elections Primer

What's going on? How do they work? Can I become a candidate?

2023 Election Update

Mar 1 - The results are in! Congratulations to David Fuentes, Jason Byrne, Haniah McKurtis, and Carter Horton!

2023 Election Update

Feb 23 - It's almost time! Student Senate interviews are completed, so all candidates are finalized and asking for signatures. Make sure to stop by our debates this Saturday at 6pm in HHH104!

2023 Election Update

Feb 16 - It's Election Season! You may have heard talks around campus about people running, if not, you definitely will soon. At this current stage in the cycle, potential candidates have submitted applications to IMPACT, and Student Senate is busy trying to coordinate interviews to process each candidate. This means the list of students still isn't finalized, but check back soon to find out who is going onto the interview stage.

Overview of executive elections

"Executive Elections" refers to the selection of LETU Executive Cabinet members. The Executive Cabinet at LeTourneau University lead and represent key organizations within the school, acting as intermediaries between the student body and university administration in order to promote student well-being. 

It is comprised of four members:

They are chosen annually through a campus-wide voting process each spring for a one-year term. 

Am I eligible to run?

Baseline qualifications for Executive Officer candidacy, along with other details, can be found within the LETU Senate Constitution

In summary:

These items are not comprehensive, but they are a good starting point to determine eligibility. The school does have a write-in candidacy process in the event of an extraordinary circumstance, and those details can be found within the constitution linked above. 

I'm Interested. How does the election process work?

Each spring semester, five key milestones occur for student-body elections:

In addition, a debate night may occur between opposing candidates, but these details can vary depending on each cycle's nature.

This is meant to be a quick summary that helps people understand LeTourneau University's election process. Naturally, with student turnover, specific details may be announced or special cases may arise. From the writer, a student writing this way too late at night, I encourage anyone interested to try reaching out to people involved for more information. Conversation and communication with the people currently in these positions or the related faculty (as long as it is reasonable) is the most likely solution to any technical questions, and these people must have had some character or charisma to get where they are anyway.