We, the students of LeTourneau University, in order to foster a spirit of cooperation among students, faculty, and administration; to provide for an effective means of communication; to seek to improve the campus; to coordinate, regulate, and execute student activities and ministries; to maintain high standards of personal conduct; to promote and encourage personal growth; and to develop good citizens with a Christ-centered perspective, do hereby establish this Constitution for the Student Body of LeTourneau University.

Article I - The Executive Cabinet

Section A. Definition

The Executive Cabinet shall consist of:

Section B. Purposes and Responsibilities

Section C. Officer Requirements

Section D. Executive Cabinet Officers

Section E. Removals and Vacancies

Article II - Student Senate

Section A. Definition, Powers, and Responsibilities

Section B. Senators

Section C. Senate Officers

Section D. Senate Assembly

Section E. Legislation

Article III - LeTourneau Student Ministries (LSM)

Section A. Definition, Powers, and Responsibilities

Section B. Executive Officers

Section C. Advisor

Article IV - YellowJacket Activities Council (YAC)

Section A. Definition, Powers, and Responsibilities

Section B. YAC Coordinators

Section C. Supervision

Article V - Clubs and Organizations

Section A. Definitions

Section B. Privileges and Responsibilities

Section C. Recognition

Section D. Revocation of Official Status

Article VI - Student Government Finances

Section A. Source of Funds

Section B. Categories of Funds

Section C. Automatic Allocations

Section D. Expenditure Planning

Section E. Transfers, Allocations, and Expenditures

Article VII - Constitutional Amendments and Bylaws

Section A. Constitutional Amendments

Section B. Constitutional Bylaws

Section C. Executive Bylaws

Section D. Senate Bylaws

Section E. LSM Bylaws

Section F. YAC Bylaws