LSM BYlaws

Article I - Structure

Section A - Positions

  1. The LSM Cabinet shall be comprised of at least 7 members:

    • LSM President;

    • Missions Vice President;

    • Missions Coordinator;

    • Community Vice President;

    • Campus Vice President;

    • Secretary/Treasurer;

    • Media Coordinator.

  2. Additional positions may be created or removed at any point at the discretion of the LSM President, and confirmed with a two-thirds vote of the entire cabinet.

  3. Created positions are eligible for compensation as defined by Article II, Section A.

Section B - Selection

  1. Cabinet Members shall be selected from among IMPACT applicants expressing interest in LSM.

  2. Applicants shall be required to complete the IMPACT application and approval process as defined by Student Life.

  3. Personal interviews shall be conducted for all candidates.

    1. The current LSM President, LSM President-Elect, and Campus Pastor are required to attend;

    2. Current members of the LSM Cabinet shall be invited, but not required to attend;

    3. Returning members seeking reselection are not required to reinterview.

  4. Input from all attendees of the interviews shall be considered.

  5. The final hiring decision for LSM Cabinet members rests with the LSM President-Elect.

Section C - LSM President

  1. The LSM President shall constitute the final authority over all decisions pertaining to LSM, as defined by the Constitution, Constitutional Bylaws, and LSM Bylaws.

  2. In situations where continued disagreement exists that cannot be resolved internally, the matter shall be brought before the Executive Cabinet and/or the Campus Pastor.

  3. The LSM President shall meet regularly with the Campus Pastor.

Section D - Missions Vice President

  1. The Missions Vice President shall be responsible for:

    • Coordinating with all missions organization that LSM partners with for Spring Break Missions;

    • Organizing Spring Break Missions chapels as necessary;

    • Overseeing all financial transactions relating to Spring Break Missions;

    • Organizing a celebration for trip members at the conclusion of Spring Break;

    • Organizing and overseeing all Spring Break Missions fundraisers;

    • Making financial allocation decisions for Summer Missions.

Section E - Missions Coordinator

  1. The Missions Coordinator shall assist the Missions Vice President in completing his or her duties as appropriate.

  2. Additionally, the Missions Coordinator shall be responsible for:

    • Choosing team leads for Spring Break Missions trips;

    • Choosing treasurers for each Spring Break Missions trip and assisting in their training;

    • Assisting trips in finding faculty sponsors;

    • Handling required paperwork for Spring Break Missions trips;

    • Any other duties or responsibilities assigned or delegated by the Missions Vice President.

Section F - Community Vice President

  1. The Community Vice President shall be responsible for:

    • Overseeing all community ministries and their team leads;

    • Organizing at least one major community event per semester;

    • Coordinating with the Missions Vice President to find local service opportunities for students remaining on campus during Spring Break.

Section G - Campus Vice President

  1. The Campus Vice President shall be responsible for:

    • Overseeing campus ministries and their team leads;

    • Overseeing any major campus events hosted by LSM.

Section H - Secretary/Treasurer

  1. The Secretary/Treasurer shall be responsible for:

    • Working in conjunction with LSM leadership to establish a budget for the semester within the first three weeks after the first day of classes each semester;

    • Ensuring all members of the LSM Cabinet are kept apprised of the status of expenditures and the overall budget in a timely manner;

    • Processing all receipts and financial transactions pertaining to LSM;

    • Presented LSM’s budget to Senate as required by the Constitutional Bylaws;

    • Working with the Student Body Treasurer as required;

    • Taking extensive notes during LSM meetings and disseminating them to LSM members as appropriate;

    • Any other tasks assigned by the LSM President.

Section I - Media Coordinator

  1. The Media Coordinator shall be responsible for:

    • Maintaining LSM’s social media and web presence as required;

    • Informing the Student Body of pertinent LSM information in a timely manner using appropriate avenues of communication;

    • Appropriately documenting LSM events for both posterity and future advertising efforts;

    • Working with the LSM Cabinet to advise them of proper event marketing strategies;

    • Working with the Student Body Treasurer as required;

    • Working with the Executive Cabinet Media Coordinator to coordinate LSM’s marketing with the rest of Student Government.

Article II - Finances

Section A - Compensation

  1. Compensation of the LSM President shall be determined by the Constitutional Bylaws.

  2. Compensation of LSM Cabinet Members shall be $500 per academic semester.

  3. For cabinet members who complete a partial term, compensation shall be prorated in accordance with the percentage of the term served.

Article III - Meetings

Section A - LSM Cabinet Meetings

  1. The LSM Cabinet shall meet at least weekly.

  2. The time and location of the meeting shall be decided by the LSM President, with consideration given to all members required to attend.

  3. The LSM President may change the location and time of the meeting at any time.

  4. The LSM President may cancel the meeting at any time.

  5. All current members of the LSM Cabinet shall be required to attend.

  6. Current non-cabinet members and volunteers for LSM are invited, but not required to attend.

Section B - Additional Meetings

  1. Cabinet Members may call meetings as necessary to facilitate execution of their required duties.

  2. The LSM President is encouraged to attend, but is not required to attend.

  3. The LSM President shall attend all Executive Cabinet meetings as required by the Executive Bylaws.

  4. If the LSM President is unable to attend an Executive Cabinet meeting, he or she shall select a representative from the LSM Cabinet to go in their stead.