Voting District Gerrymandering Act of Fall 2020

LeTourneau University Student Senate

Sponsored by Senators Gowing, Gonzalez, Anderson, Willis, Dittman, and PPT LaQuey.

An Act

Relating to the amendment of the Constitution of the Student Body of LeTourneau University.

Short Title

Section A.

This act shall be referred to as the “Voting District Gerrymandering Act of Fall 2020.”


Section B.

The following shall amend to the Constitution of the Student Body of LeTourneau University as an amendment:

Amendment I

The number of senators per voting district shall no longer be incremented by every twenty-five (25) members of the district or fraction thereof, rather, each district shall hold two (2) senatorial seats, unless the membership of the district exceeds fifty (50) people, in which case, the district shall be granted a third senatorial seat.

Additionally, commuters shall qualify as a special voting district with an allotment of ten (10) seats.

The Constitution of the Student Body shall be amended as follows:

Article II - Student Senate

Section B. Senators

2. Voting Districts

    1. Each residential unit or residential society, being defined as a floor or floors which identify themselves in name and action as a single entity, shall be considered one voting district.

    2. When in question, The Department of Student Life shall determine the section of housing to be defined as a floor.

    3. Each voting district is entitled to two senators. A district is entitled to a third senator should its population be greater than fifty members.

    4. Commuters shall be a special voting district entitled to ten senators.

Effective Date

Section C.

This Amendment shall become effective upon ratification.

Explanations and Reasoning

Section D.

The preexisting rules regarding voting districts inhibited the possibility of recruiting senators. As such, voting districts are being modified so as to allow for greater representation of floors with smaller populations.


Section E.

Senators in office at the time of this amendment shall be exempt from revote due to factors enacted in said amendment.