TOTOCS Spooky-Scary Funding Bill of Fall 2021

In Session October 21st, 2021

Sponsored by Senators Gonzalez & Berry

A Bill

Relating to the allocation of funds for Trick or Treat on College Street decorations and or costumes for participating living areas.

Be it enacted by the LeTourneau University Student Senate.

Short Title

Section A.

This act may be referred to as the "TOTOCS Spooky-Scary Funding Bill of Fall 2021"


Section B.

1. A total of two-thousand - five hundred ($2,500) dollars will be appropriated from the Senate general fund for the purchase of decorations and costumes for use during the TOTOCS event at the discretion of the each living areas TOTOCS representative. (Thomas Hall, Davis Hall, South Hall, Tyler Hall, Evelyn Letourneau Hall, Gilbert Hall, KZX, AO, LAS, Commuters). Each living area will be limited to at most two-hundred and fifty ($250) dollars.

2. All funds not used in this manner will be reverted back to the Senate General Fund.

Effective Date

Section C.

This act shall become effective upon passage.


Section D.

A sign stating "Sponsored by Student Senate" with the Student Senate logo below will be placed (schalapped) in front of the living areas booth/ display/ conundrum.

Explanations and Reasoning

Section E.

TOTOCS is a great way to engage with our Longview community and for the campus to come together and put their creativity on full display. Without the passage of this bill larger living areas such as Thomas and Tyler Hall would be left with less money per capita to spend on items such as decorations and costumes.