Election Ballot Counting Clarification Act of Spring 2021

LeTourneau University Student Senate

Sponsored by Senator Dittman and PPT LaQuey by request of VP Murphy

An Act

Relating to the amending of the Constitutional Bylaws of the Student Body of LeTourneau University.

Short Title

Section A.

This act shall be referred to as the “Election Ballot Counting Clarification Act of Spring 2021.”


Section B.

The Constitutional Bylaws of the Student Body of LeTourneau University shall be amended as follows:


Section H - Preferential Voting

  1. Voters shall mark their ballots by rank, signifying their first, second, third, fourth, etc. choices for the positions.

  2. Each candidate shall receive a whole point for each first place vote they receive, a half point for each second place vote they receive, a quarter point for each third place vote they receive, an eighth point for each fourth place vote they receive, and so on and so forth.

  3. The candidate with the most points, including partial points, and at least twenty-five percent of the first place votes shall be the winner.

  4. If the leading candidates have the same number of total points, the candidate receiving the most first place votes shall win.

  5. If there is a tie for first place in both total points and number of first place votes, or if no candidate receives the minimum 25% first place votes required to win, there shall be a runoff election between the two tied candidates with the most first place votes, following procedures specified in the constitutional bylaws.

  6. If the difference in points between the candidates for first and second place is less than or equal to 5% of the total points counted, a recount of paper ballots shall be conducted according to the recount procedures specified in the constitutional bylaws

  7. In the event that the electorate does not fill out the ballot as specified during the Election process, the procedure to count the points from the incorrectly submitted ballots shall be up to the discretion of the Governmental Processes Committee. The procedure for counting these votes shall be approved by the Dean of Students, the Student Body Vice President, and a 2/3 majority vote of Senate

Effective Date

Section C.

This Amendment shall become effective upon passage.

Explanations and Reasoning

Section D.

The ballots for the Execute Cabinet Elections are created to specifically perform the function as specified in the Constitutional Bylaws. However, it has been seen over the years that these ballots are not always dummy proof. This amendment allows for Senate by approval of the Dean of Students to ensure that students who fill out the document incorrectly do not entirely corrupt the voting system.


Section E.

  1. The specific procedure for how the points will be allocated to the candidates in this scenario shall be brought forth to Senate and approved as stated in the amendment before the voting window is closed. This will allow for any necessary communication and/or correction to be made public to the electorate before the window to vote closes.

  2. The specific procedure for how to count incorrectly filled out ballots shall be specifically written down to be able to relay to any party that is counting the ballots.