Letourneau University Resolution

In Session April 8th, 2021

LeTourneau University Student Senate

Sponsored by Senators Avent, Hoekstra, Hofer, Rubingh, Willis, and Chairman Willis

A Resolution:

1. Preamble

a) Relating to the breaking of the LeTourneau University Constitution by the Administration of LeTourneau University, and the addressing of grievances from both the LeTourneau Student Senate and the LeTourneau Student Body.

· The LeTourneau Constitution says in Article II Section A

“1. Senate shall:

- Be the representative body of the LeTourneau University Student Body;

- Operate in cooperation with the Executive Cabinet and the University Administration through coordinated two-way communication;

- Give student organizations the opportunity to use Senate funds and resources to benefit the Student Body;

- Take the necessary and proper steps to uphold and enforce the provisions set forth in this Constitution in accordance with the University’s policies and procedures.”

· According to an informal poll of senators, accomplished by Senator Rubingh, 100% of the senators polled agreed that the LeTourneau University Administration had not implemented Article II Section A, point 1, subpoint 2, the clause regarding coordinated two-way communication.

· Examples include, but are not limited to, the deletion of the LeTourneau Buzz App, the shortening of the Fall 2021 Semester from a full semester to a 14 week semester, the lack of student representation on the Welcome Back Initiative, the lack of response to a memorandum sent by the Student Senate to Student Life, the choice by the University Administration to disregard the requirements for a ballot as communicated by the Student Body Vice President, etc. Specifically regarding deletion of the LeTourneau Buzz App, the Student Senate was merely informed that it was going to happen by Steve Conn, with no room for feedback. Before the University announced the shortening of the Fall 2021 Semester to everyone, they neither sought nor gave room for comments from the Student Senate or Residence Life, both of which are a primary source for the Administration to better understand how to serve the student body. Regarding the Student Body Elections of Spring 2021, the University Administration chose to disregard communication from the VP, Kendra Murphy, with instruction on how to construct the ballots so as to follow the Constitutional Bylaws.

· In the examples above, it is clear that the University Administration is clearly engaging in one-way communication, instead of two-way, as the Constitution requires. Not only did two-way communication not exist, but neither was there coordination, as coordination implies a working together of two groups.

2. Provisions:

a) Resolved, by the LeTourneau University Student Senate that the Governmental Processes Committee, in association with the Student Life Committee shall draft and present a letter to the Student Senate to be sent to Dean of Students Steve Conn, Vice President for Student Affairs Kristy Morgan, LeTourneau University President Steve Mason, and the Student Life Office that informs them of this resolution and the grievances associated with it.

· This letter must be approved by a simple majority vote of the LeTourneau University Student Senate.

· A draft of this letter must be presented to the Student Senate by the date of April 22, 2021.

b) Resolved, that the Student Body President and the Student Body Vice President, with the assistance of the President pro-tempore, shall be responsible for the enforcement of this resolution.

c) Resolved, that the LeTourneau University Student Senate must receive a written or verbal communication from all of the aforementioned parties presented to the body of the Student Senate within a span of two weeks from the passage of this resolution. If communication is not received from each party, individually or conjointly, further action shall be necessary to ensure they have received the communication.