Nondescript Funding Act of Spring 2021

In Session April 15, 2021

Letourneau University Student Senate

Sponsored by Senator Crowder, Hofer, and President Pro Tempore LaQuey

A Bill

Relating to the allocation of funds to be used at the discretion of the President Pro Tempore.

Short Title

Section A.

This act may be referred to as the "Nondescript Funding Act of Spring 2021"


Section B.

  1. A total of two-hundred dollars ($200) shall be allocated from the Senate General Fund for the purchase of [REDACTED]

  1. All funds not used in this manner shall revert to the Senate General Fund.

Explanation and Reasoning

Section C.

Just Trust me…

…it’s not as though Senator LaQuey has not been involved in any scandals during his career…

Effective Date

Section D.

This act shall become effective immediately after passage. The funding shall only be available to the President Pro Tempore for two (2) weeks after the passage of this bill.


Section E.

  1. Only the President Pro Tempore will have access to these funds.

  1. The Senators Sponsoring this bill shall be privy to any and all knowledge concerning the [REDACTED] items.

  1. The President Pro Tempore shall not be allowed to use these funds for items of personal interest.

  1. The proper use of these funds for the purchase of [Redacted] items shall be verified by the senators sponsoring this bill.

  1. Any misappropriation of funds shall be reported to the Financial Appropriations Committee, who will have the authority to require compensation for any funds determined to be misappropriated.