Not Necessarily Game Table Bill of Spring 2021

In session March 25, 2021:

Sponsored by Senator Willis and Chairman Willis,

A Bill

Relating to funding assistance that will be provided to floors who would like to do more with their floor funds.

Be it enacted by the LeTourneau University Student Senate

Short Title

Section A.

This bill may be referred to as the "Not Necessarily Game Table Bill of Spring 2021"

Explanation and Reasoning

Section B.

Whereas, Floor culture has become all the more important due to COVID-19 limiting our interactions with others,

Whereas, Floor culture and activities have become one of the primary outlets of on-campus community in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

Whereas, Survey says that over half of the student body rates their floor/dorm culture as the most impactful part of their campus life,

Whereas, Floor activities and amenities can be supported by more floor funds—a stimulus, if you will,


Section C.

  1. Evelyn LeTourneau Hall floor 3 will be given money to their floor fund from the senate general fund for the purchasing of a ping pong table


Section D.

  1. A total of $200 dollars will be allocated to the aforementioned floor funds.

  2. Any funds not used in this manner will revert back to the senate general fund.

Effective Date

Section D.

This act shall become effective upon passage.