STING Sponsorship Bill of Spring 2021

Sponsored by Senator Anderson, Allen, Eaton, Moore, Shaughnessy, and Taylor.

A Bill

Relating to the Senate sponsorship of STING.

Be it enacted by the LeTourneau University Student Senate

Short Title

Section A.

This act may be referred to as the "STING Sponsorship Bill of Spring 2021"


Section B.

  1. STING will be allocated one thousand ($1,000.00) dollars from the Senate General Fund, instead of receiving funds from the Clubs and Organizations appropriation.

  2. STING must include a Student Senate logo among their own sponsorships.

  3. Failure to meet the above stipulations or abide by the Student Handbook may result in these funds allocated being returned to the Senate General Fund, proposed by the Financial Appropriations Committee and confirmed by a simple majority vote of the Senate.

Effective Date

Section C.

This act shall become effective upon passage.