In Session February 24th , 2022

Letourneau University Student Senate

Sponsored by Senator Gonzalez

A Bill

Relating to the allocation of funds for Student Senate stickers.

Be it enacted by the LeTourneau University Student Senate

Short Title

Section A.

This act may be referred to as the "Propaganda Sticker ‘Schlapping’ Act of Spring 2022"


Section B.

  1. A total of $75 will be allocated for the purpose of purchasing multiple sticker types with the Student Senate logo.

  2. All funds not used in this manner will revert back to the Senate general fund.

Effective Date

Section C.

This act will become effective immediately after passage.


Section D.

The type and quantity of stickers shall be decided by the Public Records and Relations committee in collaboration with a member of the Student Life committee.

Explanations and Reasoning

Section E.

The total number of available Senate Stickers has been dwindling due to a furious wave of ‘schlapping’ and the available reserves of this critical resource must not be allowed to decrease further. Additionally, multiple projects have been sponsored by the senate and we must ensure that our stickers are up to par with the perilous conditions they may find themselves in.