Send off Bill of Spring 2023


In Session April 13th, 2023 


Letourneau University Student Senate 

Sponsored by Senator Ko



A Bill 

Relating to the funding of the annual Senate Celebration Dinner Event.


Be it enacted by the LeTourneau University Student Senate 


Short Title 

Section A. 

The "Senate Dinner Of Fun and Farewells Bill of Spring 2023" may be referred to as the "SEND OFF Bill of Spring 2023.”



Section B. 

1.    A total of five hundred dollars ($500) shall be allocated from the Senate General fund to pay for the event.

2.    Moneys shall only be used to pay for a senate celebration dinner for all invited attendees as stated in the stipulations of the bill along with any related and justified expenses as determined by the Senate.

3. All funds not used in this manner shall revert back to the Senate General Fund after the date of the dinner.

Effective Date 

Section C. 

This bill will become effective immediately upon passage.  


Section D. 

Attendees will be any individual who is serving or has served as a senator during the current year. Members of the Executive Cabinet and the Secretary are also invited.

Steve Conn, or Wanda Davis, or both of them shall be attendees at the dinner - not only because they are amazing and have done so much for us and we love them, but also because they have the credit cards that can pay for the dinner. 

The date and location of the event shall be determined after the passage of the bill by a majority vote either in open forum or in the senate communication channels.

Explanations and Reasoning 


Section E. 

At the end of each Spring semester the VP and PPT hold a celebration dinner to show how much they appreciate our senators and the amazing work that they do for this student body.