Session of OCtober 1st , 2020

Minutes Recorded by: McKenzie Craycraft, Secretary

Visitors: Abigail Beach, Jonathan Edwards, Christopher Willis

Call to Order at 11:03 AM

Senator Gowing prays

Roll Called

Approval of Minutes

Minutes approved at 11:08 AM

Officer Reports

PPT LaQuey: Would now be the time to set the time to set the time of adjournment? We are grateful to have everyone here. If you are new, please take some time to speak with me after session today.

Committee Reports

Senator Anderson: We had three funding bills last session, we had $23,281.85 in our budget, we have $7,453.05 remaining.

Special Business

PPT LaQuey: Motion to set the time of adjournment to 11:40 for the career fair.

Senator Bright: Call for division of the house.

All in Favor: 5, All opposed: 3

Senator Moyes: Is that two thirds of the present house?

VP Murphy: Well that got shot down, we have a new senator to swear in.

Austin Taylor sworn into senate.

PPT LaQuey: I am appointing senator Taylor to FAC.

Old Business


New Business

Senator Gowing: Motion to bring the bill, Act for the Preservation of the Capability of Committees of the Student Senate of LeTourneau to Retain Existence of Fall 2020 to the floor.


Senator Willis: Motion to friendly amend this bill from student body to student senate.

Senator Gowing: Motion to bring to a vote


Bill approved

Senator Willis: Motion to bring bill Student Sustenance Act of Fall 2020 to the floor


Senator Gonzalez: Part A says the student body, part C says commuter lounge, part E says lounge.

Senator Willis: It says commuter lounge and other places.

Senator Dittman: Because of visitation, we will have to have someone to take the food in because we don’t have that many senators.

Senator Willis: We do not have enough senators to take the food to each hall. It will be good motivation to get more senators.

Senator Dittman: Will people know it is from senate?

Senator Willis: Motion to bring to a vote


Bill Approved

Senator Willis: Wait, count to five seconds


Senator Willis: Ice cream is happening y’all, Friday please come between 3:15-4:30. Next week, we are planning to cart the ice cream to a specific area for half the time and then spend the other half in ASC.

Open Forum

Senator Gowing: I didn’t bring this up in committee reports because I want to include more people. We will have a meeting in ASC, it will be mandatory for my committee members, but I would like as many people there as possible while we work to combine the two committees. Tuesday at 6:00 pm. This is a pretty big deal. I would highly recommended visitors come. We are combining two committees.

Senator Bright: I know many people have said they liked the tables, but they would like a trash can out there, so they don’t have to walk back into Saga.

VP Murphy: The origin of the tables come from a recommendation I made to Dr. Morgan a few weeks ago. I can bring up the request for rubbish bins.

Senator Willis: The student life committee is coordinating with student life about putting tables elsewhere.

Senator Gonzalez: We still have that piece of rebar by Davis, we also have a blue bin in front of Thomas. I think it is from the Athletic area.

VP Murphy: Has anyone put in a work order for this? I will see if I can speak to Chris chapman about this.

Senator Gowing: I have been made aware, that most of the facility workers recently quit. Please be more understanding when it takes a lot longer to get stuff done.

VP Murphy: A lot of our services are being outsourced.

Senator Willis: Would you suggest posting that on the buzz app, I think people would like to know.

Senator Gonzalez: I think it would be nice if career service would supply student workers, I agree with senator Willis, that way people aren’t getting upset.

VP Murphy: I think that would be a good idea, I would just be aware of how to word it. Express gratitude for those who do exist.

Senator Willis: I will put what I want to post in our senate GroupMe and then go from there.

Senator McClain: I know a lot of people are complaining of the fire pit being gasless.

Senator Willis: I brought that up to the manager and they are working on fixing it soon.

Senator Lockridge: It is not just students who use it, professors have said things about it too.

PPT LaQuey: Question on where we are on the Wiki?

Senator Gonzalez: We have all the minutes and most files scrapped of the wikis, and images. I am working on choosing a website to use.

Senator Willis: A question for Dean Steve, I have been getting a lot of questions about the t-shirts on the buzz app.

Secretary Craycraft: In summary, that was false information that was being shared. That design was created by a student and shared between students. It was not approved, chosen or passed on. It was actually voted down in our meeting.

Senator Willis: I know, I was getting, a lot of questions about it.

Senator McClain motions to adjourn.

Senator Willis seconds.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:35 AM