Session of OCtober 15th , 2020

Minutes Recorded by: McKenzie Craycraft, Secretary

Visitors: Parker Pettit, Eric Moore

Call to Order at 11:09 AM

Senator McClain prays

Roll Called

Approval of Minutes

Minutes approved at 11:16 AM

Officer Reports

PPT LaQuey: Shared resignation letter from Senator Millwood.

Committee Reports

Senator Anderson: I have been in contact with Abbie Turner about the t-shirts. I have created a bill and I will bring it up later. They are requesting $1,000 for the t-shirts. The updated design is included.

Chairman Willis: As far as the sustenance bill, senator Willis has worked on a form so people can suggest the snacks they like and the floor can choose between 5 options, we will refresh it every two weeks. Please share with your floor.

Special Business


Old Business

Senator Lockridge: Motion to bring DARN bill to the floor


Senator Lockridge: I changed what happens to the election chair now.

PPT LaQuey: As far as procedure goes, if it needs to be amended, I would recommend to friendly amended it.

Senator Lockridge: Motion to friendly amend this bill.


VP Murphy: The way it is currently written is what will be enacted. Is there any discussion?

Senator Bright: Is the chair of constitution senator Gowing?

VP Murphy: Yes

Senator Anderson: If there is no further discussion, I move that we vote on the bill.


Bill passes

New Business

Senator Anderson: Motion to bring bill Athletics T-Shirt Funding Bill of Fall 2020 to the floor


Senator Anderson: Motion to friendly amend to Student Athlete Advisory Committee.

Senator McClain: It was my understanding that this would be a joint payment.

Senator Anderson: The total budget for this is $2000, student senate is funding the other half. I would also like to bring forward some points that I got when I brought it to my floor. Based on a poll and some canvasing I did, my floor does not support this bill. It has been brought forth that it can be perceived as making a political statement. One of the points that was brought up was that Equality and some other the language is overloaded. They would like it to be less political.

Senator Bright: I would bring information from my floor since the athletic advisory committee is asking for support. There is implied meaning. If you look it up in the dictionary, they are saying they stand for equality, but there is a lot of anti-Christian baggage that comes with this term.

Senator Moyes: Also, a response from the RA from D2, there are concern about where their funding is going before we give this money away.

Senator Dittman: Since it does say that it is for the design, it should be tabled. We don’t know what it is going to look like. It keeps getting pushed back and pushed back.

Senator Bright: I do not know if there is a process, but can we take a fake vote on what to do with the design.

Senator Anderson: As was purposed by senator Dittman, one thing we can do is just table it until a t-shirt design is shot down, then they can bring another one.

Senator Lockridge: I brought it up with my floor, they like aspects of it and they like the idea of the Bible verse. They are not super opposed to it. Please scroll down so I can get a good picture of it.

VP murphy: I will post these on the GroupMe.

PPT LaQuey: The consensus is that we like the idea, but we do not like the underlying political message. Could we put together something so that they could follow policies? The idea is to say to keep things in mind as they design the t-shirt. We like what they are doing.

Senator Dittman: Motion to table this bill until further notice. We can do this discussion in open forum.

VP Murphy: I can call on anyone anytime. If there is a bill to let them speak on it.

Chairman Willis: Second

Senator Dittman: We should table it for two weeks. But that is up for discussion.

PPT LaQuey: Is there a way you could talk to SAAC?

Chairman Willis: Motion to table this bill for two weeks.



Chairman Willis: Ice cream will be this Friday from 3:30-4:00. We will be at ASC for the first part, but 4:00-4:30 will be at the Gilbert/ Thomas/Davis area. I will not be able to attend. Please come early to prepare.

PPT LaQuey: Hopefully we should have the isolation support going public today.

Senator McClain: I was told to email Ben Goller and Hannah Eisen. I will speak to them as soon as possible.

PPT LaQuey: There will be a link published in the GroupMe, and then after that it will be sent to the public. Hopefully it will spread quickly to those who are isolated

Chairman Willis: The Nintendo switch is in and will be made ready soon. There are several games available.

Senator Avent: Chairman Willis, when do you expect the switch will be available?

Chairman Willis: If I had to give an estimation, I would say by the end of the semester or the beginning of the next.

Open Forum

Senator Bright: What happened to the talk about a rock wall?

PPT LaQuey: *okay☹*, basically it is not possible to have in Solheim, our solution was to have a portable company come to Hootenanny, but it didn’t happen last semester. Solheim used to have a machine similar. It would be easier to buy a gym and get a LLC than to get the school to add it.

VP Murphy: There is a lot of liability with it that the school didn’t want to take on.

Chairman Willis: There has been a lot of discussion about funding half the price of the t-shirts and using it to help to make a change in community.

Senator Hoekstra: The idea was to give half the cost of the shirts to help low income families.

VP Murphy: Students buy the shirts and half the money goes to charity.

Chairman Willis: Communicate about this and how it will make a difference.

PPT LaQuey: There seems to be a lot of stuff with this, I motion to have a t-shirt task force committee.


VP Murphy: What is the legislation of this T-shirt task force?

PPT LaQuey: I will post this in the GroupMe

Senator Anderson: Motion to refer to the PPT


Senator Moyes: For FAC I have an email from David Peterson from the rugby committee, they are asking when they will get their funding. Have the funds been released and where can we direct people?

Senator Anderson: The bill is in the senate drive, but we do not have a wiki anymore. As to the rugby team, that was brought up to me, I have looked into that. I will have to look into that further. The ruby team was not listed in the spreadsheet, but they did submit a request. I must admit I must have overlooked this; I will quickly talk to Hannah Eisen. As for communicating to clubs and organizations I have emailed many of them.

Senator McClain: Motion to adjourn

Senator Anderson: Call for a division of the house.

Senator McClain motions to adjourn.

Senator Dittman seconds.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:51 AM