Session Of November 12th, 2020

November 5, 2020

Minutes Recorded by: McKenzie Craycraft, Secretary

Visitors: Citizen Cactus, Jonathan Mathews, Lockridge, Lauren Swanner, Riley Howe, Dean Conn

Call to Order at 11:03 AM

Senator Gowing prays

Roll Called

Approval of Minutes

Minutes approved at 11:07 AM

Officer Reports

PPT LaQuey: I am proud of you all. You have not goofed off, you have maintained a good sense of humor and gotten stuff done.

Senator McClain: I wanted to let you know that none of you are in dress code.

VP Murphy: Today is irrelevant, no dress code.

Committee Reports

Senator Anderson: In old business I will have an amendment to purpose, this is a legitimate thing though.

VP Murphy: We will make sure to give that priority.

Chairman Willis: The revolution of the working class is inevitable.

Senator Anderson: Point of information we will never be socialist state.

Senator Avent: For student life committee we received a good email back form Mr. Baller, he said he appreciates that we appreciate him.

Special Business

Citizen Cactus: I will need 5 volunteers for Cactus a Senate Story.

Citizen Cactus directs senate play and Cactus resigns through a play.

VP Murphy: The former senator Worrell now citizen Cactus has given us the best resignation letter.

Old Business

Senator Anderson: Motion to revisit bill Student Sustenance Act of Fall 2020 to amend it.


Senator Anderson: Motion to amend section B to a total of $500.

PPT LaQuey: Point of order, the floor needs to be open to discussion first.

Senator Gowing: If the motion is seconded, it goes to discussion and then a vote.

Senator Gonzalez: Seeing that I didn’t pay the pull the trigger I say Gabe Willis pays the difference.

Chairman Willis: That is chairman Willis to you, do you know who swiped the credit card to bring us over the budget?

VP Murphy: Let’s try to get to the bottom of this instead of just discussing it.

PPT LaQuey: Motion to bring this bill to a vote.

VP Murphy: All in favor of bringing this to a vote.


All in favor of amending this bill


New Business

Senator Avent: Motion to refer to Dean Conn as Dean Scott

Call for a division of the house

All in favor: 7

All against 6

Senator Gowing: Motion to bring bill Beckem Memorial Forster Memorial Fire Tornado Bill of Spring 2018 Memorial Fire Tornado Bill of Fall 2020 to the floor.

Senator Avent: Motion to bring this bill to a vote.

Senator McClain: There is no more senator Lockridge, at the top.

Senator Avent: Motion to amend the bill removing Lockridge as a sponsor.

Senator Moyes: I call for a division of the house

PPT LaQuey: I motion to amend friendly amend to say former Lockridge

Senator Bright: May we a discuss how burning heretics at this site would be a testimony to LeTourneau.

Senator Anderson: What temp will the flame be at?

Senator Avent: The burning of heretics represents the purifying of the church also it is very fun.

Senator Gowing: In response to senator Anderson, it would cause burns, but it is the gases that would kill you.

PPT LaQuey: I think those responsible for the bill should be Spaniards.

Senator Moyes: Quick question, the source of funding for the bill, I would like to suggest that we should take the money belonging to the heretics.

Senator Anderson: Deficit spending is always an option.

Citizen Cactus: Why not 150,000?

Senator Avent: While Keynesian economics is possible, I think we should motion to change from a total of $50,000 U.S. dollars to Zimbabwe dollars.

All in favor 8

All against 7

Call for a division of the house

All in favor: 8

All against: 7

VP Murphy: It is shot down.

Senator Gonzalez: I say we impeach and remove VP since she is the only thing in the way.

Senator Gowing: She still has the right to not entertain that motion.

PPT LaQuey: This can only be avoided if the bill is brought to a vote.

VP Murphy: All in favor of bringing to a vote?


VP Murphy: All in favor of approving this bill

Nays have it

Senator Gowing: I motion to bring the bill to the floor.

Senator Avent: Point of order, we must motion to discuss it or close discussion.

PPT LaQuey: I motion to close discussion on this issue.

VP Murphy: By a show of hands, all in favor of closing this discussing

The nays have it

Senator Gowing: Motion to friendly amend senator Avent into the bill


Senator Gowing: Bill may be referred to as the Carthage Invasion Levy Legislation.

Senator Avent: Motion to amend all motion to amend to Carthage TX.

Senator Gowing: This is all Carthages that exist.

Senator Moyes: Motion to bring this bill to a vote.


Citizen Lockridge: One interesting thing, this will never come into effect.

Senator Gonzalez: Can the student senate declare war?

Senator Gowing: Don’t worry about it.

Chairman Willis: Motion to bring this bill to a vote


Bill approved

VP Murphy: Bill becomes affective at the heat death of the universe.

Senator Avent: I motion to bring back the Carthage bill and I motion to have it say absolutely nothing at all.

Senator Gowing: She does not have to entertain this.


Chairman Willis: The final senate ice cream, this is the super-duper senate ice cream, we will have Blue Bell ice cream this will be from 3:30-4:30 or until we run out of ice cream. It will be great.

VP Murphy: This is our last session; I will miss all of you.

Citizen Mathew: I want to say hello and goodbye in the same day, who do I need to give my senate shirt to?

Senator Avent: Carthage, is terrible, or rather degenerate, now and forever. Carthage is in existence for the soul purpose of being destroyed now and forever.

Open Forum

Senator Avent: Motion to adjourn.

VP murphy: I will not entertain that.

Senator Dittman: Some strongly related news, people are doing their mandatory meets, and it says you can come back January 19th and class starts January 20th. Do we want to open this for more time for discussion?

Senator McClain: Will we be tested again Steven William Daniel Conn?

Dean Scott: At the moment there is not a plan to do that but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a plan to do so. There has been a sense of let’s wait and see. Many of you probably don’t follow the news, COVID numbers are climbing. In the past few weeks, it is really trending up again. You can look at those numbers yourself. With that being said, Dr. Morgan has said we will need to evaluate what it is like in January.

VP Murphy: Regardless of the numbers of cases, the polices enacted, have been a constant since March. It is not possible to move 1,300 people in on one day. Since March there is a disconnect. It shouldn’t have been announced. Regardless of our polices they haven’t changed. Especially considering a lot of us are traveling form out of states.

Dean Scott: What is normal?

VP Murphy: Two days or three days. Since we are following normal procedure.

Senator Anderson: Considering that it is a higher risk can we get some info on the matter?

Dean Scott: I thought it was the same amount of time you always received. The reason why it was different from the fall is because there were a greater number of families coming to move, because it is just over break there is less stuff moving in and out. I recognize it’s not the same of going to McDonald’s and coming back.

VP Murphy: Does this include students coming into the state?

Senator Gonzalez: What would the logistics of testing the students look like?

Dean Scott: There is not a plan to test students.

Senator Gowing: The break is extended they will take more stuff home because of the time.

Senator Moyes: Point of information the time is currently 11:50.

Citizen Lockridge: Will there be any provision for people who would want to get tested?

VP Murphy: I don’t think anyone know what is going on. The school has sent a lot of emails.

Senator Gowing: I am going to motion to adjourn.

VP Murphy: All in favor

Senator Gowing: I have a class in 10 minutes bye.

Chairman Willis: Motion to adjourn.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:51 AM