Session of August 20, 2020

Minutes Recorded by: McKenzie Craycraft, Secretary

Visitors: Jonathan Edwards, Nathan Moyes

Call to Order at 11:05 AM

Senator Gonzalez prays

Roll Called

Senator Dittman: I would like to officially my change name to Dittman

Senator Gowing: Motion to approve changing name


Approval of Minutes

Minutes approved at 11:11 AM

Special Business

VP Murphy: Read resignation letter from citizen Tipton. We also have a new to senator swear in.

Senator Millwood sworn in.

Officer Reports

PPT LaQuey: Motion to add senator Millwood to FAC.

VP Murphy: Point of information, not a motion.

Committee Reports

Senator Anderson: I have reviewed the old FAC files to find information on the budget deadlines. I have set this deadline for September 6, 2020. I will communicate with Hannah Eisen about budgets.

Senator Gowing: Constitution committee is looking at the election process we will be working with Kirstiana and our future committee members. We are planning on making quizzes for the exec cab to take. We are also looking at changing how voting works.

Old Business


New Business

Senator Gowing: Motion to bring the bill Isolation Cream Funding 2020 to the floor.


Senator Dittman: Motion to bring the bill to vote



VP Murphy: This Friday we will have STOMP. Senate will have a table at this event. If you are helping, please come at 9:00. Please come in your senate polo. If you are unable to attend, please contact myself or PPT LaQuey. In case it wasn’t clear, we will not have the normal ice cream, it will be at STOMP.

Open Forum

Senator Gowing: Penn Hall does not have microwaves. They need microwaves.

VP Murphy: Student Life, are there any extra microwaves or can we get more?

Senator Willis: I believe senator McClain would have a bit more knowledge than me. I don’t think we have anything left.

Senator Gowing: Alpha Omega could donate two microwaves.

Senator McClain: I do not think there are extra microwaves. We should clean the ones from Alpha Omega.

PPT LaQuey: Motion to move to Student Life Committee


Senator McClain: We discussed this in our meeting, only one third of the school will be in a chapel block. I will speak with Charity to see if we can extend Saga hours to 1:00 pm.

VP Murphy: By a show of hands have any students spoke of extending the hours?

5 hands

Senator Dittman: Saga is providing online ordering 24 hours in advance. Some people have had to wait a significant amount of time to get their takeout and have had issues getting the staff to help them.

Senator Dittman: As you can tell we need a lot more senators.

VP Murphy: South Hall has no representatives and only a few floors have representatives. It is our job to recruit people. We have 1,200 students we need more representatives.

Senator Gowing: I would like to add to that point, we need to have more publicity. I would recommend doing committee work in the middle of ASC and dress out so people can see we are working. We aren’t just these shady people sitting in HH. When I talk to people about senate, many people feel like senate doesn’t do anything. People need to see us working our rears off. We need respect. Work in public, let people see us working. This is how we get people. This is how we get recruitments and respect and more things done in the long run. We cannot do much with few people. We need to work our hearts out.

Senator Willis: I can confirm that Penn hall does not have microwaves on the first floor.

Senator Gonazelz: We do represent the student body; we are a group of 10 senators at a school of 1,200. I believe one thing we can do is to do more things. The microwaves and student ice cream and engaging with people are all great. I would like to schedule a meeting outside one of the dorms with senate attire and have a meeting outside so we can be seen. We are committed to working hard and going above and beyond.

PPT LaQuey: I have two points, make sure we are sending out emails and updates to people on your floor. Engage with freshman. We need to discuss elector districts. Our methods have not been useful. I like what I am hearing.

Citizen Moyes: I would like to say from the perspective of a citizen I think senator LaQuey was right in sending emails and having a presence. For me is it not clear what senate does, what issues do they solve? Engage with the student body so you can show the students what the problems are and how they fix them.

Senator McClain motions to adjourn.

Senator Dittman seconds.

Senator LaQuey calls for a division of the house

VP Murphy: By a show of hands, who is in favor of adjourning

6 in favor

Meeting Adjourned at 11:41 AM

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