Session of September 24th , 2020

Minutes Recorded by: McKenzie Craycraft, Secretary

Visitors: Christopher Willis, Austin Taylor, Jeff Rosinbaum, Marena Decker, Jonathan Edwards, Mia Edgar-Alleyne

Call to Order at 11:09 AM

Senator Anderson prays

Roll Called

Approval of Minutes

Minutes approved at 11:12 AM

Officer Reports

PPT LaQuey: Just a reminder, you only have three unexcused absences allowed. Please contact me or the VP and we will get you an excused absence if necessary.

Committee Reports

Senator Gonzalez: We are trying to move the Senate wiki because it will be taken away. I made the effort to back up 95% of the wiki. Recent minutes are saved. We can either rebuild the new wiki or build a new website. Would you like me to take the time to scrape the logos and things like that from the website, so we have a complete record.

PPT LaQuey: I think that would be a good idea.

VP Murphy: It is important to save everything from the last five years. Don’t spend too much time on anything that is six years or older.

Senators Willis: For the student life committee, we have decided to buy water bottles for those in the commuter lounge, it is very cheap. We are speaking with student life about getting more tables for outside.

Senator Anderson: We have three bills to bring to the floor in open forum.

Special Business

VP Murphy: Shared senator Ward’s resignation note.

Old Business


New Business

Senator Anderson: Motion bring STING forward to present


STING shared presentation

PPT LaQuey: Congratulations on doing as well as you have. We are proud of you all. My question is, are your expenses lower this year because of COVID?

Guest Rosinbaum: We are looking at the spring semester with two cycles. We have new members who are able to fly now. Our teams are growing so we expect our budget to remain the same as it was before.

Guest Decker: Our goal is to continue to fundraise for the spring this semester so we can be ready for regionals when we get back to school.

Senator Willis: If a student was interested in STING and wanted to learn more about them, what would you tell them?

Guest Rosinbaum: I would recommend they come to the field event on October 17th to learn more about STING. We are allowing people to come and get in a plane with an instructor and compete in some things. I would be happy to provide my email if that is something that is needed.

Senator Avent: Please continue to beat other schools, I want to rub it in.

Guest Rosinbaum: They were not very happy about the results from last spring.

Senator Willis: My dad is a pilot going to Embry Riddle and I’m happy we beat them.

Senator Anderson: Motion to bring the Women’s Aviation Society forward.


Women’s Aviation Society Presentation

PPT LaQuey: How is COVID affecting the conference?

Guest Edgar-Alleyne: It is still on the schedule. The conference dates are in March. They have sent what hotels are available.

Senator Bright: Looking at the numbers, 85% of your budget goes to send four people, how is that going to support the Letourneau community?

Guest Edgar-Alleyne: This expands the horizon for where LETU can go. We spend time networking about LeTourneau. People are able to make personal connections.

Senator Bright: Have you seen any students come to LeTourneau after this?

Guest Edgar-Alleyne: We have had one girl come from the conference to LeTourneau; she was here last semester.

VP Murphy: I will point out that we are short on time, so please have short sweet and to the point messages.

Senate Anderson: Motion to bring STING sponsorships bill of 2020 to the floor.

Senator Willis: Motion to bring to a vote


Bill approved

Senator Anderson: Motion to bring Women’s Aviation bill of Fall 2020 funding to a vote


Bill approved

Senator Anderson: Club Funding Bill of Fall 2020 appropriations

Senator Bright: The document includes $350 on the Women’s Aviation Society.

Senator Anderson: You may be looking at passed legislation

Senator McClain: Could we allocate $8.75 to any one committee to make it a round total number?

PPT LaQuey: I move to bring this bill to a vote.


Bill approved

Senator Willis: Motion to bring a bill Hydra Hydration Hydrogen (2 Oxygen) act of fall 2020 to the floor.

Senator Anderson: Motion to bring to a vote


Senator Anderson: Call for a division of the house

All in Favor: 4 All Against: 5

VP Murphy: This bill does not pass.

PPT LaQuey: In the invent of the tie the VP can vote.

VP murphy: The bill has been shot down.

Senator Bright: After speaking with many people on Davis, we would like visitation between the floors.

VP Murphy: Anything about visitation we cannot touch.

Senator Avent: We are in new business not open forum.


Senator Willis: Ice cream at 3:30

Open Forum

Senator Willwood: We have the polo shorts, but we could get actual t-shirt so people can give us feedback.

Senator Gonzalez motions to adjourn.

Senator Dittman seconds.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:55 AM