Session of August 19th, 2021

August 19, 2021

Minutes Recorded by: McKenzie Craycraft, Secretary

Visitors: Stephan Foster, Trefor Gowing

Call to Order at 11:04 AM

Senator Rubingh prays

Roll Called

Officer Reports

PPT Moyes: There isn’t too much, except for the usual. For chairs, please talk to me and we can have meetings and start picking co-chairs. Always find those who are interested.

Srgt. Edwards: Thank you for following dress code, we lose people every year, we need to let people know we exist. There are so many people who don’t know who we are.

Committee Reports

Senator Allen: For FAC, Funding for clubs will be the 4th, if I can get everything by then, then we will have presentations on Saturday and will have presentations on the 6th senate session. The bill will be completed by the 6th session. I have several emails from people who have sent their funding request to everyone but me. If you can direct them to me that would be good.

Chairman Edwards: For GoPro, it’s a mess. I am trying to get it in order. We want to rewrite everything. We need to figure out the state of it with new amendments.

Chairman Crowder: For senate ice cream we will discuss a new bill and talk about changing time. Later in the day may be better. Hearing your thoughts would be good.

Senator Gonzalez: PR&R the website has been updated. Gabe sent an email with the link, and it is in the Discord. Try to share that information. Send legislation through the correct channels.

VP Avent: Always send it to PR&R

Special Business

Gabe Willis sworn in

VP Avent: Please follow Robert’s rules, send emails to your floors, and do what you are supposed to do.

Old Business

Senator Rubingh: Do you know anything about what has happened to our letter to leadership?

VP Avent: It has not been delivered. We have discussed it and our thoughts are we can deliver it now or see if senate would like to revise it.

Senator Rubingh: Who has the copy of that?

VP Avent: I’m not sure who has the official copy, but we will find it.

Senator Eaton: We spent the last of the 3 senate sessions on it to submitted, but it hasn’t been submitted so we will be fixing it again?

VP Avent: We are just going to look over it.

Senator Hofer: Did we not sign it?

Chairman Willis: That is correct we have everyone’s names on it.

VP Avent: We can work on that.

Senator Willis: I will send it on the discord.

PPT Moyes: I think the letter is in the drive. It is publicly listed.

VP Avent: We owe a sum of money to Thrive. We need to do that.

Senator Rugingh: Motion to refer to FAC


New Business

Chairman Crowder: I would like to bring the Ice Cream Funding Bill of Fall 2021 to the floor


Senator Rubingh: Point of order, that was not a motion

Chairman Willis: Motion to approve bill

Chairman Willis: We must vote to vote on it then vote on it.

Senator Rubingh: Motion to bring to a vote


Bill approved

Senator Crowder: Motion to bring ISM Recommissioning Act of Fall 2021 to the floor

Chairman Crowder: During this time we could recreate our image, it would be good to give us a more professional website. It is more professional to build trust of the students.

Senator Allen: I agree with the website being more professional. If it is a once per year payment, should it be a different bill?

Senator Eaton: Why are we spending money on a new website shouldn’t this be its own bill?

Chairman Willis: To your point, we fund ice cream ever year, I don’t know how to make a bill to fund something every year, I do understand your point of it being in this bill, but it also doesn’t hurt anything.

Citizen Gowing: The bill could be reviewed every semester; the bill can’t carry over funds. If we allot a consistent part of our budget to this, it would still be applicable. We must discus with FAC.

Senator Avent: This is early, but we could pay for more upfront, and we could reserve it for more time.

Senator Hofer: This isn’t an important argument

Senator Rubingh: It should be a separate bill with more money on it

Chairman Willis: I motion to friendly amend this bill.

Citizen: Why do we need to take away the ISM part of this bill?

Chairman Willis: I so move it

PPT Moyes: We are just putting the ISM name on there, then we will approve the bill.

Chairman Willis: I think it requires a second, it requires a 2/3 vote, also refresh the page.

Friendly amendment approved

Senator Rubingh: Motion to bring to a vote.

Bill approved

Bill passes

Chairman Crowder: Motion to bring ISM Food Discretionally bill of fall 2021 to the floor.


Senator Eaton: What is the difference between the food money and the other money?

Chairman Crowder: This is meal and snack runs, the other one was a general amount, to combine all of them. $1,000 for food and snack runs, the other one is for other things.

Senator Eaton: We have $1,250 for food, $250 could be for other things.

Chairman crowder: Yes

Bill approved

Chairman Willis: Motion to bring bill the Eminent Name Domain Bill of fall 2021

Chairman Willis: I motion to friendly amend the typos in this bill

Motion passes

PPT Moyes: Since we have some time, refunds are no longer a thing, we have to use the university’s card

VP Avent: It is a transfer.

Srgt. Edwards: Motion to bring to a vote

Bill passes


Senator Hofer: The student life committee has 2 people on it. Please help us out.

Chairman Willis: Although yes, the student life is the brain behind ice cream, all of us are responsible for that event.

PPT Moyes: If you want to change committees let me know

Open Forum

Citizen Foster: Point of information where should we direct clubs? Senator Allen: Direct them to

Citizen Growing: I wanted to come in and give a bit of a pep talk, you have a lot to do today, don’t get bogged down on points of order and inquiry.

VP Avent: Don’t call it unless you’re sure.

Senator Rubingh: Where are the name tags, and why is VP Avent not calling people by name?

Srgt. Edwards: I didn’t know who was still here or chairman.

Citizen Growing: Apparently former VP Murphy is listening to us so let’s do a round of applause.

Chairman Willis: Motion to recesses


Session is recessed 11:50 AM