Session of August 26th, 2021

August 26, 2021

Minutes Recorded by: McKenzie Craycraft, Secretary

Visitors: Stephan Foster

Call to Order at 11:03 AM

Senator Eaton prays

Roll Called

Officer Reports

PPT Moyes: Sorry about the confusion with changing the rooms. We should be in the normal room. I want to continue to have an agenda. Please send any bills you have to PR&R.

VP Avent: If you have a bill send it over to where you represent. That way if people have thoughts they can tell you before. We should all work better on it. PPT LaQuey, had a suggestion if you haven’t heard of bill before senate, vote no on it that way it holds people to a standard.

Committee Reports

Senator Crowder: This Friday we will still have ice cream. We have toppings and root beer. I will busy from 3:00-3:55 so if you can help with setup that would be great. It is the same as last time. I will be making announcements with ISN. Please share info with that.

Chairman Willis: PR&R we have a senate domain now. Share it with your friends, get it tattooed on your face. We published an article on Wesley. The list of senators has been updated. Please submit bills by Wednesday by 12:00 pm.

Senator Eaton: I don’t see anyone from spending oversight. Last year you could go to Ms. Wanda and get a refund. We will get a senate card and we get tax exception. Use your tax exceptions. We have a Sam’s, and Walmart card, and a credit card. We can place online orders. We can talk to Ms. Wanda and ask her to place the order and pick it up.

Senator Allen: We have an amazon account.

Chairman Willis: It needs to be school and not personal.

PPT Moyes: You are senator.

Chairman Willis: The motion has never been resented and don’t change it.

Chairman Willis: PR&R if you are trying to us the print shop on campus is very busy, it may take a while to get in contact with them, be patient.

Special Business


Old Business

Senator Rubingh: Are we reviewing the letter today. I move to bring up the letter.


Senator Eaton: There is three different documents.

VP Avent: It is the last one.

Chairman Willis: That isn’t the latest copy.

PPT Moyes: I found the final final draft of the letter; I will send that back to the discord.

PPT Moyes reads letter.

VP Avent: Since this letter has already been approved, we could modify it, otherwise it is already approved.

PPT Moyes: There was the section about student welcome back initiative. They have reopened the buzz app, the library hours are new. If we need to change those, we need to do that now.

Chairman Willis: I think there are many things in this letter that could be changed, honestly, what is more important is getting the conversation started. We want to talk to them. We want to help the school honor God by serving students.

Senator Eaton: Do we want to update the signatures at the bottom?

VP Avent: It was the session who signed it sending as is.

PPT Moyes: We could just say former senators since they are graduated. I believe the process is motion that the VP sends it out.

VP Avent: Just motion for it.

President Ryan: The previous one I had seen had me and Luke taking it. Do you want me there or not?

VP Avent: I think it was my responsibility and you have more access to Mason.

Senator Rubingh: It would be good that the president went along with it. I move to end discussion on this bill. Even if it is officially delivered by the VP the president can go along.


Senator Crowder: I emailed Shelby Ware about it but have not heard back.

Chairman Willis: Why were you reaching out to her?

Senator Crowder: The reason why is we understand that a lot of people need the time in the library and it gives more printer access. I included that the student senate would like to help the library if possible or provide the availability for students to volunteer. People would be willing to volunteer. We are extending that to help if possible.

New Business

Senator Edwards: I motion to bring a bill to the floor

The nays have it.

Chairman Willis: I motion to vote by roll call.


Bill brought to the floor

Senator Edwards: The bill will be called the Re-educational Flyer Funding bill of 2021.

VP Avent: There are still flyers that say to contact Reed.

Senator Allen: Do you have a flyer example?

Senator Smith: I worked on the flyer last night, but my computer cannot run the program.

Chairman Willis: The rough raft is double sided, in color, one side it will explain senate and the other side will explain who to contact.

Senator Allen: Does this cover the cost of print in color?

Senator Smith: I emailed the printing people on an estimate, but have not heard back yet.

Chairman Willis: This will cover it.

Senator Eaton: My understanding is that it is 25 cents a page. Was this $200 for as many flyers as possible?

Chairman Willis: We are just going to get enough flyers for a while. The focus is getting focus the old ones updated. We will get around 75 to get started. I motion to bring to a vote.


Bill Approved


Senator Crowder: Friday ice cream, it will be from 3:30-4:30, in ASC hallways.

Senator Allen: Club funding is due on the 4th, that should be several days after clubs are registered with Hannah.

VP Avent: I believe it was due yesterday.

PPT Moyes: Just a reminder for chairs, we are meeting on Friday from 7-8. It is helpful to have chairs but know everyone participate as much. President Ryan is also invited.

Open Forum

Senator Rubingh: Why are referring to senator Willis as chairman Willis other than his own pride?

VP Avent: Only because we haven’t revoked it.

Chairman Willis: We cannot expect people to keep up with the records between senator Willis (my brother) and chairman Willis (me).

PPT Moyes: It was mentioned earlier because of a motion, it should be expanded in roles to figure the timing. I motion that all chairmen are called chairmen. We can call people by their highest order of role.

PPT Moyes: Motion to vote by roll call


Senator Eaton: Are we in open forum, I heard that something was mentioned about the flags in the library.

VP Avent: We are going to get them there.

President Ryan: I have a meeting with the interior designer about that.

VP Avent: I have a letter to send to Lunsford, I was following up on that petition.

Senator Rubingh: Do we have an estimate about the library funding?

Chairman Crowder: We do not have an estimate, we must keep in mind, the payment of students and the taxation. How much would be allocated.

Senator Eaton: Should we defer this matter to a committee?

Chairman Willis: If anyone would like to publish an article, send them to me.

Citizen Foster: What is the format of these letters?

Chairman Willis: I’ll take anything.

President Ryan: Exec Cab is putting on a memorial day event for the 20th anniversary of 9/11 the weekend of.

Chairman Willis: I would like to specify your updates, you can forward them to me and I’ll get them there.

Senator Rubingh: I motion to recess.

Session is recessed 11:51 AM