Session of September 30th, 2021

September 30, 2021

Minutes Recorded by: McKenzie Craycraft, Secretary

Visitors: Stephen Foster

Call to Order at 11:02 AM

Senator Oden prays

Roll Called

Minutes Approved at 11:06

Officer Reports

PPT Moyes: Congrats to everyone surviving as humans. Please remember floor emails. Have some sort of meeting where you are talking to people. It is nice to have multiple people on the floor to split the work with.

Sgt. Edwards: Dress code dress shirts tucked in and no jeans, I am the only one enforcing dress code, please let me know if you need an exception. I am not trying to get you in trouble, and we can clarify. When you are recognized by the president please stand and state your name for the records.

Committee Reports

Chairman Crowder: Student life committee, we have been working on projects. The punching bag is being communicated about with the gym. FAC is in communication. The nurses are looking into a printer for the nurses building. We are looking at accepting cash in Saga and the Hive. There are opportunities to help with the fun run for a church raising money to buy their building. Finally, we will be promoting Haven’s scholarship we will partner with PR&R for writing that.

Chairman Willis: Regarding the punching bag, we got an email back from the correct person. They were like yeah sure just by one. With that I will motion to refer that to the student life committee. They didn’t have a specific recommendation. We are also working on getting the hours on to the senate website. We got approval from the school to get 5 posters up for the whole semester. They look like these. This way people know who senate is.

VP Avent: That matter was moved to the ARC.

Senator Eaton: I would like to remind everyone that when you make a purchase, I would like to get the information on what was purchases, how much was spent and when it was purchases and why. I have several transactions, but we don’t know when or how much was spent or why. Please give me the receipt or something.

Chairman Willis: PR&R can you please bring up the senator page? If you would like to update your picture, please let me know.

Special Business


Old Business


New Business



Chairman Allen: I have been informed that there has been a want of ethernet reports. As the IT spokesperson, I know what the process is and why there is only one port per room. There are only so many ports in the service closet. We could open more but we would have to buy more of the things and wires to the rooms because a lot don’t have wires. That would be expensive, but we could if we wanted to.

Chairman Willis: You should write an article about it. If anyone would like to write an article, please let me know.

Senator Ko: I am trying to take pictures of HvZ and share about it later. Please share pictures with me.

Chairman Crowder: As you all know, and love senate ice cream is happening tomorrow from 4-5. We will have all the toppings and syrups. We will do chocolate this week and we will rotate ice cream sandwiches later. I will be doing a snake floor run either today or tomorrow. Larger than 30 people can get 3 floor snacks. We want to make sure everyone is getting enough snacks.

Senator Bright: Does floor run mean you will take snacks to every floor?

Chairman Crowder: A snack run is just going to the store and having them available for senators to come pickup.

Senator Hill: Where is pick up?

Senator Hofer: YAC cave.

Chairman Moore: We asked about people doing dairy free options or are we doing that next time?

Senator Hofer: We will consider that; it will not be this week.

Chairman Crowder: We already bought this week’s ice cream, so we will plan for it next week.

Open Forum

Chairman Allen: I would like the BAJA racing team to present their budget so we can write a bill and sponsor them.

BAJA Presents

Senator Hofer: How may members do you have?

BAJA Presenter: 60-70 people, we have about 20 freshmen.

Senator Branch: So that price is per semester?

VP Avent: Does that include the $5,000 you were given already?

BAJA Presenter: It does not. $15,000 is the minimum. We’re trying to take care of our junior design team.

Senator Bright: Could you break down the number for us?

BAJA Presenter: Fabrication of the frame, buying a welder, we have shocks which are expensive. To go to competition is $2,000-$3,000.

Chairman Willis: How much of these are just one time purchase?

BAJA Presenter: For investments the welder is the investments, for a new car all those things need to be purchase again. It is per season.

PPT Moyes: Based off of your experience, what is the lifetime of each car?

BAJA Presenter: We can take roll cage for two years. It depends on how many times you take it out to race. That is for a safety issue, but we would build a new car.

Senator Hill: Are you planning to compete every year?

BAJA Presenter: We are planning every other year. It is not sustainable to go every year. This our first year to build one year and race the next.

Senator Rubingh: How much are you asking for from senate?

BAJA Presenter: We are asking $3,600 on there, but we were asking for $1,500 per semester. It has been $1250 in the past. Total cost we are seeking to raise will be around $20,000.

Senator Hill: This does not include the $5,000?

BAJA Presenter: We need upwards of $1200 now

Chairman Willis: If senate would help, would be able to put a sticker on the car?

BAJA Presenter: You could drive it if you want, we put senate’s logo wherever we can.

Senator Hofer: The correct language is “shlap”

BAJA Presenter: When we discussed last semester, we considered adding it to our polos as well.

Senator KO: Do you predict that you will spend evenly each year?

BAJA Presenter: Most money will be spent this year. We have competition cost the following year.

Senator Brown: These competitions will you make money if you win?

BAJA Presenter: It depends. We are looking for experience for BAJA, the funding we get from alumni, they help a lot. This is not a race from money.

Senator Drebo: When you compete how have you represented LETU? Do you have proof of why we should sponsor you?

BAJA Presenter: Recently in 2018 we have done very well, there is 200 racers, if you survive, you’re doing great, there are different events. We have done well in those things.

Senator Hill: Would you say with the number of freshmen do you think there is potential to grow?

BAJA Presenter: We are working on developing and in the development phase. We are doing a 4-wheel drive. While we are developing that, we think we will have a lot of freshman and sophomores.

Senator Eaton: Will that change the way you are requesting money?

BAJA Presenter: We do want a welding machine. It’s about $700. Our main costs are the wielding machine and materials and parts. Shocks are expensive. Most expenditures would be this year.

Chairman Willis: It may be best, that we give your more this semester and year, and we could give less next time. It could be a lower regular cost.

Senator Gonzalez: I see you do alumni donations and industry sponsors have you considered campus wide events?

BAJA Presenter: No because we need to focus our man hours, but we have talked about different ideas to make money.

Chairman Allen: I was planning to be in touch with the finical advisor. We can keep in touch. I’ll bring a bill next week and plan what we will do next semester.

Chairman Willis: Thank you for presenting. I thought your team looked good in your polo, any updates on the senate polos?

VP Avent: It is starting soon.

Chairman Allen: It has come to my attention this week that there were some disagreements on SWE. If you have concerns on how our decisions were made, please come ask me. I am not trying to not give money; this goes for any club. If any club needs more funding, we are willing to accommodate that.

Senator Bright: A student stubbed their toe on some rebar. I believe this is a recurring issue some can we do something about it? We could make a memorial.

Senator Brach: We have talked about this, officially we have discussed to not bring it, until someone else brought it up. So, we will bring it up with maintenance.

Senator Gonzalez: I would like to get a power tool.

Senator Berry: We should get a senate sign

Chairman Crowder: This rebar issue has been here for three years that is why student life committee hasn’t done anything

Senator Bright: Can I nominate senator Gonzalez to take care this issue

Senator Hofer: I do not think we should chop things down.

Senator Hill: He says he informed maintenance to take care of it this year.

Senator Eaton: Can we put a sticker on it?

PPT Moyes: It is later, out of respect we should talk to facilities again. Let’s contact them again.

VP Avent: As a recommendation don’t say you’re going to do it on public records.

Senator Berry: We should just give them an ultimatum.

Chairman Willis: I unofficially to motion to unofficially motion to nominate senator Gonzalez

Senator Branch motion to recess

Meeting Recessed 11:49