Session of September 22, 2022

September 22, 2022

Minutes Recorded by: Sean Koay, Senate Secretary


Call to Order at 11:04 AM

Senator prays

Roll Called

Minutes Approved at 11:05 AM

Committee Reports:

Chairman Ko:  Just a weekly PRNR Update, most of this week, I was working on coming up with fundraising and outreach ideas.  


Special Business:

Senator Hofer: Ladies and gentlemen, it been a good ride, but I have taken new position as RA, so, going forward, do well, work hard, don’t spend any money we don’t have. I motion to resign. 

Resignation accepted 

Senator Bright: I too regret to inform, but I submit my resignation as well 

Resignation accepted 

PPT Gonzalez: Thank you for your time and effort. Now I would like to swear in six new senators. 

Six new senators sworn in at 11:10 

PPT Gonzalez: Wallisky appointed to Go Pro committee, Kontush to Financial Appropriation, Van Cleave to Student Life, Ferguson to student life, Farmer to Financial Appropriation, Khalifa to Student Life 

Chairman Ko: All the new senators, can you stay so I can process you. 


PPT Gonzalez: Homecoming is next week, spread the word and reach out.  

Open Forum:

Chairman Ko: May I take the floor?

Chairman Ko shares his ideas for future Senate projects.

Chairman Byrne: I guess just to tee of that, we can get a Canes profit share in 3 weeks easily. 

PPT Gonzalez: Please make sure we don’t step on toes as a lot of class do it. 

Senator Farmer:  Are we viewing the sudden outreach as an attempt to actively try to make money? 

Chairman Ko: In general, this is started because we wanted more project and exposure, but due to the financial problem, we steered it toward something more revenue generating. 

PPT Gonzalez: The financial matter at this point has essentially been resolved, but we should improve our outreach and requirement process. For example, a recycling drive or toy drive, there is a lot of projects that can be run with no money and will just need a few minutes of our time each day. We need to try to meet the needs of our peer, and not just spend time discussing controversies in senate meeting. Be approachable. 

Chairman Moore: I am not dead, and I am back, the school is attempting to build the Airdome for the athletics. Letourneau in the next year is going to have school coming to compete in the Airdome. If we could get the Airdome involved with the Senate, it would be helpful as it is something that is used by every athletics team. 

Senator Rubingh: I am not sure how it will help improve the public relationship as student have not great relationship with athletics.


PPT Gonzalez: Sometimes the student doesn’t have access to these facilities 

Chairman Moore: The magic of this is that it is open to the public, but it is only not available to public if the sports team is using the area, but this is open to the public from 6am to 10pm. 

Chairman Moore: So, I got ask from my floor, Tyler floor 3b does not have a fund, but they are planning to do a 3B golf tournament. They are asking fundings so we can get more golf clubs. If the senate involved it can be called the 3B Senate Golf tournament, all they ask is to be involved and spend a little bit of money. 

Chairman Byrne: Though we don’t have funding, I can help find golf clubs. 

Senator Kontush: We need have people to stop asking us for fund. Some people here don’t understand how finance works, if we don’t have money don’t spend on ice cream. 

Chairman Byrne: Don’t give information if you don’t know the situation of the financials. 

Chairman Drebot: If you are tired of asking, then be transparent and let us know, we don’t know what numbers we have, and probably only two people here know how much we have. This system doesn’t work 

Chairman Fuentes: I am sorry it is not done, but I will get it done by this week so I can pass it to Byrne. 

Chairman Byrne: We went over the estimate number of what we have, but until we can have an exact number, we won’t have an exact number, we have a good vague number, and we are conscious on what we can spend, but we need to fund, what we need to fund. Ice cream is our main outreach, and we have crunched the numbers down, but if you say ice cream is frivolous one more time, I am going to blow, I know the number we can work with, until then we don’t have number to give. 

Senator Farmer: I appreciate the switch to cheaper but is there something free for an outreach. 

Chairman Ko: I am working on that, but the discussions like these are better suited for outside session. 

SGT. Shaughnessy: Following through with what you say, when Cameron says there is senate ice cream, we are going to follow through on it, that is the fundamental of leadership. 

Senator Kontush: But if we have the same problem in the beginning on the semester, why promise something if you have no money. 

SGT. Shaughnessy: Even if there is no money available, there is something called budgeting, so it is functioning.  

Motion to recess 

Meeting recessed at 11:43