Session of September 29, 2022

September 29, 2022

Minutes Recorded by: Sean Koay, Senate Secretary


Call to Order at 11:05 AM

Senator prays

Roll Called

Minutes Approved at 11:08 AM

Officer Reports:

SGT. Shaughnessy: Few things to address, Points of inquiry keep it short and same with points of information. Points of order don’t just call on someone, tell them after, it is to keep the fluidity of things here. State your position and you last name before you speak. Dress code is business casual, talk to me if you have anything prior which results that you can’t meet the dress code. 


PPT Gonzalez: The website has been upgrading, have a look at it, make sure that it is in sync with what we are. One more thing we are planning on having a picture day, so do keep that in mind. 

Special Business:

Senator Bercier: I realized that we only have one female senator, after contacting the RD of Gilbert. I was informed that there might be some interest. However, the main reason the girls are backing away is the culture in senate is bit heated and women feel threatened. Let us stop this culture, this is not for me, but we need female representation. 


VP Crowder: Our attitude in session has been represented as heat, as the senate body I hope we have a more united front and make this a better environment. 

New Business:

Chairman Hoekstra: I request to bring a bill to floor. 


Brings Ice Cream Funding Bill of Fall 2022 to floor 


PPT Gonzalez: It states that it is $650, but it won’t all be used. 

Chairman Drebot: Has they given us the number of money we have? 

VP Crowder: No, it is on a need-to-know basis. 

Bill is passed 


VP Crowder: Career fair is coming up, and we have been asked to sign up for different positions to help run behind the scenes. Announce to the floor that they can help as well. 

Senator McNeil: Can we get a point of contact? 

VP Crowder: Kaleigh Castle is the point of contact. I can give you the exact information after session. 

VP Crowder: Homecoming is this weekend so there is stuff going this weekend. 

PPT Gonzalez: Career fair happens from 9-1 next Thursday, can we find a different time for next session? 

VP Crowder: I will try to find something that will work out. 

Open Forum:

Senator McNeil: I have met with Dr. Quiett about the first TFO meeting, and it is this Thursday, please let me know if you have anything you want to bring forth. He also is asking for the letter about fall schedules. 

PPT Gonzalez:  I would ask that McNeil that you can ask about graders, TA, and lab tech. Ask if there is any more interest in getting more SI classes, and if there are more resources being needed. 

Chairman Hoekstra: There is ice cream this week, so come if you can help, please come at 3:45 at least 

Senator Farmer: So, I heard a rumor that the pool is getting the removed. Let me know if there is any official information. 

PPT Gonzalez: Continue to try to grow this club band show the university that there is an interest in the pool. 

Chairman Drebot: Does nobody know anything about it? 

SGT. Shaughnessy: I have heard the rumors too, but we should confirm if it is factual or just hearsay. 

VP Crowder: Show the university that we want the swimming pool. That is the best action going forward. 

PPT Gonzalez: The best course of action is not to bring it up to student body, but to show the school action that the pool is wanted. If the buzz app, can be used to be for actual conversation instead of complaints, we might be able to have it back 

Senator Fuentes: Some good news, the next semester’s Hive is from 7am to 9. 

Senator Kontush: So, about the buzz app, I have been hearing that it is connected to chapel, and I heard that they are going to be changes made just because of one complaint.  

VP Crowder apparently there were people throwing paper airplanes from the second floor, which result in disruption and that is why it is taken away. 

Chairman Drebot: Who in like admin can we talk about this? 

PPT Gonzalez: Pat Mays and Londa Mauriello 

Senator Wallisky: I would just like to point out that nobody on my floor to use the buzz app for anything. I would suggest that we redefine the buzz app. 

Senator Bercier: There is the discord, I don’t think we can do much on the buzz app. 

VP Crowder: There are a lot of help on the discord so please use it to communicate, senator Bercier has the link. 

PPT Gonzalez: Exercise a bit caution as it is run by students, that means they can just kick or remove you. I would suggest a floor communication, so it is more local. Be careful with who you are talking to and discussion that are brought up. 

Chairman Drebot: What should I say to the students about students being silenced with Buzz app. 

PPT Gonzalez: I feel like there should be a campus wide bulletin or forum, but this isn’t the first time this has happened, when it was taken away for a month or so. We need to have buzz app if it is used for its intended purposes. If it is just for memes, then it is not a good resource to be used. I would encourage them to talk to me or Cameron. 

Senator Ko: Just to add of that, Conn did mention that the buzz app is not for communication but announcement. Maybe we could bring Hannah Eisen to the floor. 

PPT Gonzalez: If the buzz is used for the announcement solely, then what is the point of student communicator and stop wasting money on buzz. 

Senator Ferguson: It has more function that announcements. 

Senator Kontush: We can just put information to the website. 

PPT Gonzalez: It is all online and not just on buzz app. 

VP Crowder: We also have the building hours working on our senate website. 

Chairman Drebot: Is there a reason why Steve Conn hasn’t been to our last couple of meetings? 

VP Crowder: I am not sure; I can try to look into it. 

Senator Fuentes: Our next big project is on recycling, 

PPT Gonzalez: When I was freshman we have nice beautiful bin, I think it would be a good opportunity to bring recycling back as it allow us to interact with people we live with, As far as I know the blue bins are still on campus somewhere, and there would be two bins per floor, if people can go put their recyclable in the bin. Also, if we could extend the opportunity for spiritual formation credit, and instead of just chapel, you can just go volunteer somewhere over the weekend. More people would prefer to go do something for the community that just sit in chapel. 

Senator Rubingh: Most places that accept recycling won’t accept university recycling.  

Chairman Byrne: If we have bins with senate name on it, what is stopping us from stating that it is only aluminium and getting a boost from recycling it. 

SGT Shaughnessy: So an interesting thing with the recycling, the soda can is usually 2/3 recyclable aluminum, so it could be a nice boost, I also support the other ways we can get Spiritual Formation Credit. 

Senator Bercier: I heard a lot of people support that Spiritual Formation Credits should have more ways to be achieved instead of just chapel. 

Motion to recess 

Recessed at 11:44