Session of October 13, 2022

October 13, 2022

Minutes Recorded by: Sean Koay, Senate Secretary

Visitor(s): Matthew Strong, Tommy Faber, Gabriel Willis

Call to Order at 11:06 AM

Senator prays

Roll Called

Minutes Approved at 11:09 AM

Committee Reports:

Chairman Byrne: Here is a quick financial rundown, since everything has been passed, we are at the point where we can just sit down.  We are the bank and we spread out the amount of funds to the various organization. As off right now we still have around 33.7% of our funds, it is around the 5000-6000 for the projects. 


VP Crowder:  Thank you Chairman Byrne. 


Chairman Ko: PR&R Update, I was pretty busy, so I spent time looking at the archive, but there is nothing really big, all that is needed is some clean up. 


Chairman Byrne: For PR&R I was messing with the webpage last night, so go on the webpage, and if you don’t see your name, send us an email. 


Chairman Ko: Thank you VP for being active on discord 


Chairman Hoekstra: So, we sent the student life an email to look for the recycle bin but there has been no reply. 

Special Business:

Senator Brandt sworn in.

New Business:

Senator Mcneil: The TFO meeting went nicely, the first issue was about SI’s and TA’s, they said they also like TA and SI, but we just don’t have enough students that want to do it for that little pay. Second issue, it was brought to attention, that senate wants to lobby for a crisis counsellor, but they said it is hard to have a crisis counsellor in such a small school, and currently the RA and RD is the first line of defence. Dr. Quiett, would also like to come to senate to talk about preventive mental health. 


VP Crowder: Lots of good information we got from that. 


Chairman Ko: Motion to bring a bill to floor. 


PR&R Supply Bill is brought to the floor. 


Chairman Byrne: What do we have that need to be stored. 


Chairman Ko: We don’t have any way to store anything like the bills and minutes, and also physical records. 


VP Crowder: Our old Wiki site has been terminated, we had information and history stored on an external drive, but they have gone missing, so we want a reliable way to store these. 


Bill is brought to a vote 


Bill is passed 


Senator Brandt: Motion to bring new bill to floor. 


Bill is denied being brought to the floor. 


VP Crowder: Couple projects that President Strong that I have found out are, that South Hall doesn’t have enough trash can, we should make known where the large trash bins are, piano tuning, and also talking to IT about the communicator mail is not sent to spam. 


Chairman Hoekstra: Ice cream is not happening this week because of Fall Break. 


Open Forum:

Citizen Willis: I am planning to do a semester survey; I want to know if there is any particular question that you would want in the survey that you have heard from the floor. I am working with Steve Conn and Ben Goller, to find out the people that in the dorms so we can work demographic quotas. Let me know if you have any questions. 


Chairman Byrne: My floor has been very adamant, about getting the campus concealed carry talk started. They are liked to have their personal guns on their dorms. 


Senator Farmer: You can make it a multiple choice on this. 


VP Crowder: Another good question is the drills and safety precautions that we have, and if we can increase the effects of these safety. 


Chairman Drebot: How do we know the results and confidentiality? 


Citizen Willlis: There is only going to be one person that has access to thew data which is me. If I abuse the data, my degree is on the line as well. There is a degree of trust at the end of the day. 


President Strong: Have you communicated about Steve Conn about the survey this semester? 


Citizen Willis: We are making the survey right now, but it should be approved as has been approved the three semesters before. I will email it specifically to people that are willing to do it. I also make a presentation the data to the public and the student life.  If there is no hard data backing anything up it is just one complain which meant the school wouldn’t be able to change much, so with this data it I easy to advocate with the school.  


Senator Bercier: Is the data also confidential? 


Citizen Willis: They are all confidential. 


Senator Bercier: Can there be a do not wish to answer on the questions? 


Citizen Willis: We can work that into it. 


Chairman Drebot: Is there any way to ask questions about the buzz app. 


Citizen Willis: We have done that and are planning to do that. 


VP Crowder: Could you have a section that talks about chapel and how to improve it? 


Citizen Willis: Brittany actually supports that as well, and people usually want to give more responses about chapel. 


President Strong: Good job on this form. 


Senator Mcneil: Motion to recess 


Recessed at 11:39