Session of October 20, 2022

October 20, 2022

Minutes Recorded by: Sean Koay, Senate Secretary

Visitor(s): Gabriel Willis

Call to Order at 11:05 AM

Senator prays

Roll Called

Minutes Approved at 11:10 AM

Officer Reports 

SGT. Shaughnessy: For those of you that are new here, when you are called upon, please state your name and position before you speak. 

Committee Reports:

Chairman Ko: We ordered some stuff for our archive; it will come in a while. I also want to shoutout chairman Byrne as he helped out with the website. 


VP. Crowder: Are the photos updated? 


Chairman Ko: Yes, but it is not the final version. 


VP. Crowder: Any problems can be directed to Chairman Ko. 

New Business:

VP. Crowder: Fun news, we have two more senators have been elected from dorm 4, and also a guy from T1 joining, so we have 3 more senators lined up.  

Chairman Drebot: Motion to bring bill to floor, it is the Financial Report Resolution of Fall 2022. 

SGT. Shaughnessy: So, with the first section, are we asking the FAC to state an exact number that is being spent. We can’t explain all that information to all the clubs. 

Chairman Drebot: It is saying an exact number, and I don’t think it would be a problem as there is no club people in here asking questions. 

Senator Farmer: I think there should be an explanation, as it solves the club complaining issue we are facing. 

SGT. Shaughnessy: The problem is that doing with 50 clubs is a lot of time. Time that we don’t actually have, and that is why we show it in session as we don’t have the time to personally response to each of their questions. 

VP. Crowder: Especially at the beginning of this semester there is very few senators as it is a rollover, so having those email sent out at the beginning, we just don’t have the manpower. It would be more likely next semester. 

PPT. Gonzalez: Yes, this is a volunteer position, but we want to make sure that everyone doing the job properly, and I suggest having more oversight. Furthermore, we should make ourselves available to help out on this club funding project. If we have more people, it would be faster and easier, than compared to just having three people, if students have question, we can delegate the students to the correct people. We need a solution, so this doesn’t keep happening. 

Citizen Willis: As a club leader, we would be willing to write out the reasoning, as I know there is 20 clubs that were funded this semester. My club would be willing to demonstrate our need for the funding by writing a more detail request. 

Motioned to table the legislation. 

Legislation is tabled. 

Senator Farmer: Motion to bring Informed Leaders Act to the floor. 

Questions are brought to the floor 

Chairman Drebot: Let us try to keep questions till the end. 

Chairman Drebot: We have no right to revise the handbook. 

Chairman Ko: If we have a lot of people agree, we could try to be involved with the suggestion to play a role in the writing of the handbook. 

PPT Gonzalez: So, in the stipulation section d, there is no wording about how the survey will be distributed, and also how long the survey will be open. The random distribution of the card was also not specified. 

Citizen Willis: I put everyone on a big wheel and trust in computer to be random. The distribution period, we can’t put an exact timeline on it, as we need to make sure that all the dorms are well represented in the survey. In the past, we had only a few replies from the societies, but now that we have the actual number of residences, we can make sure they are well represented. 

PPT. Gonzalez: It stated that all answers will be stored confidentially, but then at the end you asked for the email of the students. 

Citizen Willis: I would hope they are anonymous but if they are, we have no way of knowing if the students are just repeating the survey. 

PPT. Gonzalez: There is a lot of personal questions being asked, and there was also stuff about chapel and firearm, and while I think asking for information on that is helpful. We have to manage the expectations as when we ask questions like these, people presume something will happen. Moreover, you also have multiple organization put their question, I would suggest asking them for funding too. 

SGT. Shaughnessy: You could make it clear that this is just a survey. 

Citizen Willis: The survey is not perfect and can’t be perfect, but it is acting as a voice to the student body, but when we have hard data, I think we can act better. 

VP. Crowder: I would suggest bringing the student senate questions later, as it would less directly associate us.  

Senator McNeil: Motion to vote on bill 

Bill is passed 

Motion to recess 

Recessed at 11:48