Session of November 3, 2022

November 3, 2022

Minutes Recorded by: Sean Koay, Senate Secretary


Call to Order at 11:04 AM

Senator prays

Roll Called

Minutes Approved at 11:08 AM

Committee Reports:

Chairman Ko: Since a weekly report is required, my weekly report is that I haven’t gotten much done, but there is stuff I am working on   

New Business:

Chairman Ko:  Motion to speed run a bill.  

Sippy Cup Sponsorship of Fall 2022 brought to the floor


Chairman Bynre: Motion to bring Bill to a vote. 


Bill has not passed 


VP. Crowder: Dr. Conn was not able to be here this week because he had a dentist appointment, but he is striving to be here next week.  


One thing that executive cabinet has been informed about is about the pool. The school is considering filling in the pool and are wanting to understand if there is any interest in the pool. The rough estimate for the project is 400 to 500 thousand, and over the next year the maintenance fee is over 40000 They are trying to judge from the student feedback as to what to do if the area is filled in, and if not, are there any new clubs opening to include the pool. 


Chairman Hoekstra: There is Friday ice cream this week at the usual time. 


Open Forum:

Senator Dennis: So recently, AO noticed that there is a new installation of benches at the pavilion. It will affect society whirlpool event, and this is a big deal as it is long standing tradition. I was wondering if we can have it removed or moved to a different location. 


VP. Crowder: I will make sure to bring it up with them and to see if that it can be removed or moved. 


Senator Dennis: The event usually happens in the middle of the pond, and it is a massive inconvenience. 


Senator Farmer: Are there any further development with recycling? 


Chairman Hoekstra: I have not heard from facilities, but I will send them another email. 


VP. Crowder: Is there any update for the resolution of fall semester? Is it being discussed? 


Senator McNeil: As far as I know the TFO is aware, but they are talking about with administration. This is very difficult as it is not just something that the school can control, as for the aviation department it involves the FAA 


VP. Crowder: A couple things that I have been thinking about is that senate does not have a direction or a purpose. We are just going in the sense as whatever comes we will deal with it. It is my responsibility to give senate direction and purpose. This led me thinking about sending senate a survey. I want feedback of how you guys want senate to look like. I want us to be able to represent the student body well. I want to hear the feedback. 


Remember, we can also invite people into our sessions and ask them questions immediately.  This would allow us to get our voices heard, and we have avenues that we can use to improve senates voice. 


Senator McNeil:  I feel like we should also survey not just the floor and senate but to the student body about what they want senate to be. We should ask stuff like what things should be fix, and what can we fix. 


VP. Crowder: As we are going through the archives, there are old archives of senate minutes, and newspaper of what senate has done in the past. If PR&R wants to take on this project, so we can have this done to show our senior and freshman can see that senate wants to do something. 


I know that new senators, the senator orientation has just given you a basic idea of how senate is, but I realized I haven’t gotten into what a senator actually does. I am planning to hold a one-hour session next semester to talk about what senator is and what are the rules. It will be a simple rundown of what it means to be a senator. 


Chairman Bynre: Motion to recess. 

Recessed at 11:38