Session of November 17, 2022

November 17, 2022

Minutes Recorded by: Sean Koay, Senate Secretary

Visitor(s): Dr. Kristy Morgan   

Call to Order at 11:33 AM

Senator prays

Roll Called

Minutes Approved at 11:34 AM

Officer Reports:

VP. Crowder: The Senate is working with the AWS for the upcoming Toy Drive, and you can pass the toys at the Senate Hot Chocolate and to the Welding Lab. Please volunteer for Friday Hot Chocolate. 


SI Blitz is on December 3rd so it would be helpful to get three volunteers from Senate. We hope that we can help fund and run this. Once we have forum, hopefully we can pass this Bills. 


Chairman Drebot: Rugby Club wants to get a camera for their media stuff. I will plan to write a Bill and bring it up next session. 

Committee Reports:

Chairman Ko: I want to promote the toy drive and try to start wrapping up this semester. 


Special Business:

VP Crowder: Swearing in of new senator. 


Senator Standard is sworn in. 


Senator Kontush: Basically, I have election and I have been elected as the president of LAS, so this is my last semester here. 


New Business:

Senator Berceir: Bill of Funding Senate Blitz 


Motion to approve Bill 


Bill is passed 


VP. Crowder: There is a toy drive, and I will be sending you the poster in an email later. There is also the lightning of LeTourneau which is held by the Mason family and student life. It will be on November 28th. the Monday after thanksgiving. 


Chairman Drebot; When is ASC getting decorated? 


Dr. Morgan: They will start decorating next Wednesday, and all the trees on the small will have lights on them. 


VP. Crowder: It will be lit through January. 


Chairman Hoekstra:  I will be there at 3:30 at ASC for Senate Ice-Cream. 


Chairman Drebot:  We are transitioning into election time, so if there is anyone interested, please talk to them. 


Open Forum:

VP. Crowder: Dr. Conn and I met on Monday on how Senate is doing, and he suggested we should focus on the small projects that we can do. Such as vacuum in the dorm, or volleyball nets that we did in the beginning of the semester. I suggest that if you see small problems that can have immediate effects, please bring it up in sessions. These can bring lasting impact to the Senate 


Dr. Morgan: Any more feedback on the pool? We are open to feedback and there has been no official statement being made. 


Chairman Drebot: My floor said is alright with closing it after hearing how much it costs to run. 


Senator Kontush: I said last time to take down the pool and expand the gym and get better equipment. 


Dr. Morgan: It is more of a stewardship question. We have to figure out if that is how we want to spend our money. The dome is approved for funding and not ground-breaking. 


Chairman Drebot: Is the aviation getting anything? 


Dr. Morgan:  There is going to be expansion at Abbot Aviation. 


VP. Crowder: The Birm is also being closed down, so go enjoy it, do some floor events. 


Motion to Recess 


Recessed at 11:50