Session of August 24, 2023

August 24, 2023

Minutes Recorded by: Francis Ko

Visitor(s): Steve Conn, Carter Horton, President Fuentes

Call to Order at 11:07 AM

Senator prays

Roll Called

Officer Reports:

PPT Farmer: If you want to speak, please raise your hand. Then, you state your name and title for the minutes. The exceptions are for special points of inquiry and order, which are just for questions and corrections respectively. We do have a dress code, which is basically a collared shirt.

Senator Kushner: What is the female equivalent of a collared shirt?


PPT Farmer: I'll defer that to Dr. Conn

Dr. Conn: Uh...


VP Byrne reads from the constitution

Committee Reports:

Chairman Ko: There are a few pieces of legislation left over from last semester. In addition, Google has announced that their domain service is being shut down, so I will give serious consideration to migrating to the LeTu website

Chairman Robinson: We do have Senate Friday ice cream tomorrow. Keep an eye out for updates on the discord because we need volunteers.

Special Business:

5 Senators sworn in!

Old Business:

VP Byrne: As a refresher, we have changed our voting process in our constitution. Due to the new development of Penn Hall, it will be grouped into ELH for now. Also, we do have an incentive going on, which allows for the voting district with the most percentage representation to get a bonus amount of floor funding from Senate. Each branch of the Exec Cab will also have to present their budget in a meeting to receive addition funds. Another rule change was to penalize early departures. Now, they have to be mentioned to the PPT. Proxies are still an option, but they have to be from the same voting district and even same floor if possible.


Chairman Smith: Club funding season will be starting soon. We have a meeting here during chapel time tomorrow.

VP Byrne gives an overview of Club Funding

YAC President Horton: We have STOMP on Friday. It's a great way for Freshmen to see what's available. It's on the IMs field, and YAC will be providing lemonade, shirts, and the new YAC card, which shows students where they can get student discounts.


Open Forum:

Max Keyes: The student body is frustrated with the Hive changes. Also, I am on the handbook committee, so reach out or please reach out to people you know so that we can be aware of problems.

Chairman Robinson: I emailed Laura Cobb. She is aware of the negative response to the Hive changes, at least the major ones. I will share the email on the Discord

Senator Hancock: What were the reasons for the change?

Chairman Robinson: In short, they wanted to direct traffic from the Hive to Saga.

Dr. Conn: As an unofficial expansion of that, the Hive was not supposed to be a second cafeteria. This isn't my wheelhouse, but all the work of staffing, deliveries, and stocking of a second location on a campus this size necessitated some changes. The unfortunate incident with the meal swipes also lead to a lot of ideas floating around.

Max Keyes: What about possibly expanding the menu to bridge the transition?

Dr. Conn: I understand where you are coming from because I eat there a lot too. However, I also support them and money exists. This would have to be more directly brought to Ms. Cobb. You would be surprised by how much is actually controlled by corporate. If I go a minute late to lunch and ask for some fries, they'll say the grill is off. If you ask to turn on the grill, the staff will say that corporate actually controls the grill times.


Motion to Recess. 

Recessed at 11:54