Session of August 31, 2023

August 31, 2023

Minutes Recorded by: Francis Ko

Visitor(s): Steve Conn, President Fuentes, LSM Officers

Call to Order at 11:03 AM

Senator prays

Roll Called

Minutes approved at 11:07

Committee Reports:

Chairman Robinson: We have Senate Friday ice cream this friday because it is on every friday. We have one locked in volunteer, but if we can have one more that would be great. Also, if anyone is able to be picking up ice cream, that would be great.

Special Business:

Senator Bercier resigns

8 Senators sworn in!

LSM presents their Fall 2023 budget.

New Business:

Chairman Robinson: Motion to bring a bill to the floor

Ice cream bill brought

Ice cream bill passes


Chairman Ko: Motion to bring a bill to the floor

Gavel bill brought

Gavel bill passes


Chairman Smith: Motion to bring a bill to the floor

Automatic allocation bill brought

Automatic allocation bill passes


Chairman Smith: Motion to bring a another bill to the floor

LSM allocation bill brought

LSM allocation bill passes


VP Byrne: If anyone is interested in the numbers for automatic allocations, we will have them once the fiscal year starts


Chairman Ko: If anyone isn't on the discord, please see me afterward.


VP Byrne: Club funding is due next Wednesday. Please contact UG-TRAD FAC or email Gavin M Smith. Senators will be going over budgets in the Solheim lounge that Saturday. If you are available to help, let us know.

Open Forum:

Fuentes: Exec cab will have an event tonight. It's the CS documentary. We will be showing it in Belcher and giving out snacks afterward. Due to us being in a better financial position, we have given some funds to the Student Athletic Committee.


Byrne: If anyone has issues with the handbook, please email me or president fuentes. I got a book with a list of complaints, so if anyone wants to see that, contact me.


Senator Kennel: I hate to be the guy that complains after showing up late, but the parking situation sucks for Thomas-Davis-South


Fuentes: We've talked to Chief Shultz, and he has remained adamant mainting the current situation. However, he has been open to getting rid of the motorcycle spots in the name of preventing a $40 ticket.


Byrne: I have talked to Chief Shultz as well last semester, and he has expressed some interest in changes if he sees that more than just the senate people complain about parking.


Dr Conn: A point of clarity on this. I don't want to paint chief as not just wanting to reprint stickers and stuff. But we changed formats because a lot of people complained about the other format. I want to warn about exchanging a list of complaints for another list of complaints. Stricter zoning resulted in more tickets, which was a whole different issues


Senator Kennel: I had some other ideas. I know that it's hard to make more zones and that South shouldn't have to park next to Saga. However, I have seen the same cars in lots for months. There is a car with a tarp in it. Maybe we could focus on that angle?


VP Byrne: I don't know about how we could enforce that. I motion to refer this matter to the SLC

Motion passes

Motion to recess

Meeting recessed at 11:49 AM