Session of September 21, 2023

September 21, 2023

Minutes Recorded by: Francis Ko

Visitor(s): Dean Conn

Call to Order at 11:01 AM

Senator prays

Roll Called

Minutes approved at 11:04

Committee Reports:

Chairman Ko: As a continuation of last week, we still have some pictures that need to be taken, so see me afterwards

Chairman Hancock: I'm working on amending portions of the constitution. It's going. I'm trying to revise references to the sergeant of arms and secretary.

VP Byrne: We could work on chairmen pay, since we're the only branch of student government that doesn't pay their officers.

Chairman Robinson: Can I get paid?

VP Byrne: If anyone hates redundancy, feel free to pick up a copy of the constitution from Chairman Ko. We're trying to fix the bylaws.

Special Business:

Senators McNeil to GoPro

Senators Burwell and Stanard to PRNR

Senators Tish, Giff, Hall, Osburn, and Kennel to Student Life

Old Business:

PPT Farmer: I’d like to motion to suspend the bylaws we discussed last session ... until Jesus' second coming. This is because constitutionally we need to set an end date.

Motion passes

New Business:

Senator Osburn: Motion to bring a bill to the floor

Tyler Hall Grill Out Bill brought up

Chariman Hancock: I thought we decided that we weren't doing these kind of bills before

VP Byrne: Given that this is for two whole halls instead of a single floor, we can debate this

PPT Farmer: I like that they are putting more money into this than we are

Motion to bring a bill to a vote

Bill passes


VP Byrne: Ice cream. Animal shelter. YAC Escape rooms. There are two soccer games tomorrow, and yeah … that about all that's on our calendar for the week.

Open Forum:

Chairman Robinson: From President Fuentes, the Student Handbook committee has been meeting. Furthermore, we need volunteers for the career fair on October 12th.

PPT Farmer: On the paying chairmen thing, I just want to put it on people's radar. YAC and LSM pay their officers, so I want consistency. That could be either everyone gets paid, or nobody gets paid. Right now, only VP Byrne and I are getting paid. I'm just curious if anyone has strong opinions on this.

Senator McNeil: I'm not exactly for or against this idea. I would like to ask... Can we financially cover this? After all, money has been getting tight with rising clubs.

VP Byrne: This wouldn't go into effect until next semester. David wants to shuffle pay across board. If we do cut exec. cab pay, it would increase opportunities. David gets $2000 and everyone else gets $1500. Right now, it's about $7500 for everyone, but it was above $8000 last year since we had a secretary.

Chairman Hancock: I realized that chairmen should be elected, which is interesting since I was the idiot who did not say no to being a chair. Adding pay would help make things more formal.

PPT Farmer: That could open this to conflicts of interests.

Senator Kushner: Is chairmen a yearlong position or semester?

VP Byrne: Yearlong unless they quit.

Senator Kushner: Another question. I know he mentioned in his campaign that he was trying to increase the amount of SFC people can get outside of chapel. What's the status on that?

VP Byrne: I don't know the details, but when he asked Pat Mays and Londa Mauriello, he was basically told no. They feared that it would take people away from chapel even though the intention was to get people more involved in the community. It's still being discussed, but the folks who are in charge of that are very opposed to that happening. They feel that students need to be in chapel and hour for hour that is more valuable.

Motion to recess.

Meeting recessed at 11:31