Session of October 5, 2023

October 5, 2023

Minutes Recorded by: Francis Ko

Visitor(s): Dean Conn

Call to Order at 11:06 AM

Senator Keyes prays

Roll Called

Minutes approved at 11:10

Officer Reports:

PPT Farmer: Reminder that we have a dress code that includes long pants.

Committee Reports:

Senator Kushner: I talked to the head of maintenance about water fountains and was told he was on vacation.

VP Byrne: Has the form been filled out?

Chairman Robinson: What form?

VP Byrne: Apparently there was a form from Dr. Conn that needed to be filled out the get the process kicked off.

Senator Kushner: I'll look into that then.

Special Business:

Senator Sarabji sworn in.


Senator Keyes moved to PRNR

Senator Sheehan to Student Life

Senator Gernenz to Student Life

Senator Sarabji to Student Life

Old Business:

VP Byrne reads letter from Prof. Tixier regarding lockdown drills.


VP Byrne: There was talk of creating a chapel security team in addition to changing up lockdown drills. We're working on it.

PPT Farmer: What would the Chapel security team be?

VP Byrne: I don't know. I would like a combo of faculty and students so students are involved in this. The model of a church security team was discussed.

Senator Osburn: Would they consider making a drill/presentation for chapel?

VP Byrne: That was on the list. We need to find a method to this madness. That's why I like the gatekeeper idea. I think that needs to be looked into. 


VP Byrne: As always there's a YAC event at Friday.

Senator Kushner: Acousticafe?

VP Byrne: Acousticafe is somehwhere, probably at the Student Center patio.

PPT Farmer: Thomas Hall Lobby?

VP Bryne: Oh great

VP Byrne: There are soccer games today. Homecoming is also this week. Please do not park behind Glaske. They will tow trucks this year.

PPT Farmer: Rugby game this Saturday.

VP Byrne: I know there's an alumni softball game this weekend. If you want to watch some moms play softball, there's that. 

Open Forum:

Chairman Robinson: If I could get one person to make a comment card or suggestion box, that would be great.

Motion to recess.

Meeting recessed at 11:29