Meeting of November 30, 2023

November 30, 2023

Minutes Recorded by: Francis Ko

Visitor(s): Dr. Conn

Call to Order at 11:03 AM

Senator McNeil prays

Roll Called

Minutes approved at 11:06

Officer Reports:

PPT Farmer: Did the grill ever get purchased?

Name Missed: Yes

Committee Reports:

Chairman Robinson: Ice cream is over for the semester, so please feel free to take out leftovers from the freezer.

VP Byrne: If the carrots are still there, take them out too. They've been there for at least a year.

PPT Farmer: SI Blitz is Saturday.

VP Byrne: We also need ideas for Senate ideas for the next semester. Everyone come up with one!

New Business:

Motion to bring a bill to the floor.

SI Blitz Bill brought up.

SI Blitz Bill passes.

PPT Farmer: Who is responsible for actually buying pizza?

VP Byrne: David did it last year. Do you know Dr. Conn?

Dr. Conn: Just ask Dr. Schumaker because making sure you are on the same page is important.


Chairman Hancock presents information about the proposed constitutional amendment.


-No longer a Sergeant-at-Arms

-No longer an official Secretary and Treasurer

-The president no longer signs bills

-Contents of the bylaws trimmed to lower redundancy

-We know it's college and life happens so a lot of the beaurocracy and approval requirements for things like absences have been taken out, just talk to committee chairs and officers

-No more student initiative process, merged with write-in candidates

-No more special debate guidelines


PPT Farmer: What are we doing about the IMPACT retreats?

VP Byrne: If we are paying people, they need to go to the impact retreat

Chairman Hancock: Damn you


Motion to remove Lilith Hancock

Motion not seconded

Open Forum:

VP Byrne: We were planning on having a guest. Dr. Conn do you know where he is?

Dr. Conn: Let me text him.

VP Byrne: To give context, someone from athletics was going to discuss possibly having a secondary mascot.

Dr. Conn: If you are a chair and received an email for IMPACT swag, there is IMPACT swag in my office for you. Also, please encourage people to take the student satisfaction survey. It's like a nationally normed survey that is valuable to get a good apples to apples comparing to other schools and other similar private schools. We really actually like that data. The issue is that if we don't get 20% of the campus to complete it, it isn't a good sample. If you want to tell the university what you think, let them know.

Senator Fisher: I got the email, but I didn't see a LETU logo on it, so I was a bit doubtful.

Dr. Conn: Anyone else get those IT phishing emails? They ask to click a link and show you a “gotcha” page. I understand that recognizing official emails has challenges.


Motion to adjourn.

Fall session adjourned at 11:43