Session Of February 13th, 2020

Minutes Recorded by: McKenzie Craycraft, Secretary

Visitors: Steve Conn

Call to Order at 11:11 AM

Senator Lochridge prays

Roll Called

Approval of Minutes

Minutes approved at 11:14 AM

Officer Reports


Committee Reports

Senator Welch: For elections, all people have been interviewed, we have our finalists in. You will know who they are when they start asking for your signature. Debate night will be Saturday from 6:00-8:00 pm. We need people to come and help and watch the viewers to make sure they are all paying attention.

Senator Aschoff: For FAC, all clubs have presented their budgets, we plan to have a bill to vote on. We will have some presentations for extra funding.

Senator LaQuey: Student life committee, senators Ward & McClain have invited people from the public relation office to help with ice cream. Senator Willis is investigating the game room, senator Wang is keeping up Saga relations. Senator Mathews is investigating the rock-climbing wall.

VP Reid: How is the plaque going?

Senator Worrell: They have not installed it yet. They said to get back to them with they are less busy. I will email them again but if needed I will go speak with them.

Special Business


Old Business


New Business

Senator Wang: Motion to introduce the Exec Cab Debate Funding Bill Spring 2020.


PPT Murphy: It wasn’t submitted on the wiki before because the wrong document was submitted, so I fixed it.

Bill passes


VP Reid: We met with Chris Chapman. He has project ideas and wants to know what the students would think about them. One idea was replacing the shower heads with more pressure but less water. It would save water and money and have more pressure. He is thinking of fencing in the dirt pathway by Gilbert or create an area with pavement. Any other announcements?

Senator LaQuey: Senate ice cream is this Friday. I will be posting about it in the GroupMe. Please check it to see if there is a time slot that meets your schedule. It is at 3:30-4:30.

Senator Mathews: Motion to add Miles to the role

Senator Welch: We need a mediator for the debate. Senator Miles will be our moderator. We need a majority vote. Motion to add senator Miles.

Miles Approved

Senator McClain: Every week we do ice cream, do we want to have a guest?

Senator Wang: Personally, it would be good to have a guest every other week. A student told me that he enjoyed just coming and getting ice cream. He didn’t feel like adding people was of value to him.

Senator Kessler: It would be a good idea to do every two weeks. We could have them serve ice cream and then have them talk about what they do.

Senator Mathews: I agree that something besides a weekly basis would be good.

PPT Murphy: It is good to have it every other week. People have more time to schedule. From the point of having people every other week we as a student body can network our student government the weeks that we don’t have a guest there.

Senator Mathews: We have discussed having a rock-wall built. We are considering renting one to see if people would be interested in it. We were trying to see if we could tie that to something like Hootenanny. The nearest places we could get them are from Shreveport or Dallas. It could be expensive.

Senator Willis: There is a suggestion sheet inside of the game room so people can give their ideas. They can share what they would want. We will be looking to possibly fund and acquire some of the popular suggestions.

Senator Kessler: Student life is considering doing a yearbook. Even an E-yearbook would be nice. Some of the students and faculty would like this.

Senator Worrell: Year books are a lot of work.

Senator Kessler: It could be a project for some of the communication majors end of year projects. We could also do a yearbook every four years.

Senator Anderson: There are multiple ideas. One idea is having the communications students do this as a project. Another idea is to have another committee within senate to handle this. We could also encourage the student body to create a club to handle this.

Senator Wang: We also discussed things we want bring to saga. You may have seen what was posted on the Buzz app. We have two ideas we want to hear Ms. Charity’s opinions on. First, I was speaking with some students who would rather have Sunday dinner than Sunday breakfast. Secondly, Saga is short staffed. We have raised the idea of Saga hiring student workers. I want to hear your opinions on this.

Senator Worrell: I am fairly certain that Bon Appetit employs locally and that they do not hire students.

VP Reid: The Hive used to have students working in the Hive and Saga.

Senator Worrell: So, it is happening and already kind of a thing.

Dean Conn: Just so you know, Charity took very quick action, the employ was already resigning, and this was her last day. She was trying to be funny. That person was let go. It was not intended for people to see it. I do not know about student workers. They could just be hiring people who are sometimes also students. As far as the yearbook goes, you are more than welcome to try whatever you would like. I supervised the yearbook for some time before I decided $40,000 per year for it was too much. I didn’t find a lot of people who were upset about it being gone. There have been a few attempts, but it is very difficult. If the scope is small, it might be doable. No one is trying to get in the way of a yearbook.

PPT Murphy: The yearbook idea is possible, but we need to figure out the logistics. On the point of addressing Bon Appetit, I would like to request that you would ask about how they spoke about making it a requirement to having a nutritionist on staff. I have not been able to verify that this is a thing. We need to follow through and make sure this is happening. On Tuesday evening a paper complaint was sent out from Glaske over GroupMe. It needs to be addressed. It is our job to represent the students and stand up for them.

Senator Welch: As a suggestion I like the idea of having Sunday dinner.

Senator Willis: I think the creation of a short survey and putting it on the Buzz app would be a good way to get data.

Senator Wang: I threw it out because the first two copies were not legible, senator Ward said that her mom also received this packet. I am pretty sure it is a joke. Second point for Sunday dinner it forces people to have to change things up a little bit and eat somewhere besides Saga.

Dean Conn: Continue to gather data on that. One thing to keep in mind is that dinner is more expensive than breakfast. They negotiate frequently on what their costs are.

Senator Miles: To clarify this will not allow many of their staff to go to church because they have to start cooking three hours before the mealtime.

Senator Mathews: Does anyone know why the bell is off?

Senator Avent: He has looked into it and he found that it is off because one group of people would have to continue keeping it on time. It has just been left because no one wants to take responsibility for it.

Senator Mathews: I would like to have everyone talk to their floors about it.

Dean Conn: Is it possible that the earth’s rotation is just off? I propose that the student life committee investigate and consider we adopt a new Letourneau time and build a fire tornado.

Senator Anderson: I motion that we grant the emergency VP powers to handle this motion. The nays have it.

Senator LaQuey: YAC has a nice little tile on the Buzz app, we would like one too.

VP Reid: Senate is on the Buzz app just a little more hidden.

PPT Murphy: I believe this is because they have a schedule and LSM also doesn’t have one either. We could look into having all three added in.

Senator Aschoff: I want to clarify this is the deals they offer to the students.

Senator Lochridge. I propose this is moved to the PR&R committee.

Open Forum

Senator Kessler motions to adjourn.

Senator Avent seconds.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:48 AM