Session Of April 30th, 2020

Minutes Recorded by: McKenzie Craycraft, Secretary

Visitors: Dean Steve Conn

Call to Order at 11:07 AM

Senator McClain prays

Roll Called

Approval of Minutes

Minutes approved at 11:12 AM

Officer Reports

Senator LaQuey: I wanted to say thank you for letting me serve you in this position. You all have done a good job.

Senator Anderson: Motion to grant the VP Murphy emergency powers.


PPT Murphy: Speaking as temporarily PPT, I will be appointing the new chair positions for the fall semester of 2020. The chair of elections will be Welch, for financial appropriations it will Anderson, chair of student life will be Willis, chair for constitution will be Gowing, chair for public records and relations will be Gonzales.

Citizen Reid: In order for Kendra to gain power as PPT she needs 2/3 vote.

Senator Anderson: Motion to revote on emergency powers.


VP Murphy: Has PPT powers until new PPT is approved.

Senator LaQuey: Motion to enact everything that Murphy said before she had PPT power enacted.


VP Murphy: Everything is enacted now. Have fun as chairs!

Committee Reports


Special Business

VP Murphy: We will go by priority for appointing leadership for the next academic year 2020-2021. We need to choose a new PPT. Are there any nominations for PPT?

Senator Gowing: I would like to nominate Senator LaQuey for PPT.

Senator LaQuey: I accept.

VP Murphy: Because there was only one nominee you will not have to speak. Please mute the conversation while we vote.

Citizen Reid: Point of information, the PPT does need to speak.

Senator LaQuey: Lend me your earbuds. Thank you for the nomination. I hope I have served you well in student life. I hope to do the same in the position as PPT. You know me well. Let me know if you have any questions. I am honored by the nomination.

VP Murphy: Now that all the candidates have officially spoken. Senator LaQuey can you please excuse yourself from the chat.

Senator Gowing: Alternative means we could go through each person here and ask for their vote just so he can’t watch the chat. Even though there is no other option. Motion to add Lockridge to the roll.


VP murphy: If no one as any questions about the nominee does anyone want to motion to bring to vote.

Senator Wang: Motion to bring to a vote.

Senator Anderson: Second

VP Murphy: I will text him to ask him to come back into the meeting. Senator LaQuey, you are officially the PPT.

Senator LaQuey: Thank you

VP Murphy: The vice president will now appoint their sergeant of arms. I have asked senator McClain to accept this nomination.

Senator McClain: I do.

VP Murphy: Next point, secretary, do we have any nominations for one for next year?

Senator McClain: I nominate McKenzie Craycraft.

VP Murphy: McKenzie Craycraft will be secretary next year.

VP Murphy: We have several resignations to hear.

Senator Wang: Shared resignation letter.

VP Murphy: We will miss you!

Senator Aschoff: Shared resignation letter.

VP Murphy: We will miss you!

Senator Mathews: Shared resignation letter.

VP Murphy: We will miss you!

Senator Livingston: Shared resignation letter.

VP Murphy: Thank you for that citizen Livingston. Are there are any other letters to be shared?

Senator Kessler: Did you not receive my letter?

VP Murphy: You must read your letter.

Senator Kessler: You did not respond or call my name, so I was confused. Do I continue then? Shared resignation letter. Please remember the 9th whole in the Frisbee golf course.

VP Murphy: Senator Kessler, we will remember that. We will miss you. For those of you on campus, I will find you! You are all amazing.

Senator McClain: I will miss you all!

VP Murphy: I think we can all agree on that. Are there any other points of special business?

Old Business


New Business



VP Murphy: This is our last session of the semester, if we were on campus, we would have a celebratory dinner. Unfortunately, because of COVID we are unable to do this. We will miss this tradition. When we come back in the fall, I would like to try to get an event together where we can all do something together. I will miss you all, but you will do great things. Please stay in touch, I will miss you all greatly.

Senator Willis: Love you mom.

Open Forum


Senator Willis motions to adjourn. Senator McClain seconds.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:50 AM