Session of February 4th, 2021

February 4, 2021

Minutes Recorded by: McKenzie Craycraft, Secretary

Visitors: Stephen Fosters, Gabriel Hurlbert, Steve Conn (Dean Scott), Abbie Turner

Call to Order at 11:04 AM

Senator Moyes prays

Roll Called

Approval of Minutes

Minutes approved at 11:08 AM

Officer Reports

PPT LaQuey: For Robert’s rules, everyone addresses the chair and rather me addressing senator Moyes I say speaker chair and say my response. It helps with decorum and it helps take things from being less personal and more group focused. This can help you hear and prepare for future situations like this. Second point we will have twenty senators. I don’t know several of you, lets grab lunch sometime. Motion to add senator Bright to the role.


VP Murphy: Are you okay?

Senator Bright: Just a bad rugby sprain.

Committee Reports

Senator Avent: Student life, we are still looking into getting a nineth hole. We have spoken to Steve Conn. He has been emailed and has not emailed back.

Dean Steve: Point of clarification, senator Avent should check his email. Point of clarification, didn’t want to burn Luke, I just sent it eight minutes ago.

Senator Dittman: GoPro, we had the meeting last night. They have the systems open. As of right now, I just got an email from YAC and I have heard from VP and student body president, if you haven’t gotten to me to say you are running, you need to let me know. Deadline for application is closing a week from today. February 10th I am unsure what time. Getting an exact time would be useful.

PPT LaQuey: On behalf of senator Anderson:

Senator Anderson: I am here with an update from FAC, we have sent out emails to all clubs and organization with information this past week. We are slowly starting to get budgets trickling in. the deadline is the 7th.

Senator Willis: Student life committee, I did email Mr. Chapman about the missing dumpster. They do know what happened but wouldn’t tell me. He asked if we would like it back, I said we would like it back.

Special Business

VP Murphy: Today we have three senators to swear in today.

Cordrick Sabbatini, Isaac Shaughnessy, and Landon Gregory, sworn in to senate.

PPT LaQuey: Senator Shaughnessy to FAC, senator Gregory to student life, senator Sabatini GoPro

Old Business


New Business

Senator Bright: I would like to bring Debatable Funding Bill of Spring 2021 bill to the floor.


Senator Avent: I do not think “or upon the consumption of the first pepperoni” is correct. This means it could be assumed that the bill could become active before passing.

Senator Bright: The pizza will not be purchased before.

Chairman Willis: Please state your name.

VP Murphy: You do not have to stand to speak.

Senator Eaton: It doesn’t necessarily specific that this is in the form of pizza.

Senator Moyes: Despite the state of our current condition, it must be affective upon passage, according to the constitution you cannot have something come before the bill. Motion to amend the part of the bill.

VP Murphy: This would be a friendly amend.

Senator Avent: Motion to amend this bill to whatever comes before.

PPT LaQuey: As much fun as this, I motion to call the question and just pass the bill

VP Murphy: The first motion did have a second and had the clarification. PPT LaQuey your amendment is not inline.

Senator Bright: If the constitution requires that it can only pass on passage. We just need to pass the bill.

Senator Eaton: This could be made simpler by getting a pepperoni

VP Murphy: All in favor of brining to vote


Motion to approve the bill

Bill approved


Chairman Willis: Senate ice cream will be from 3:30-4:00 we will go to the trinities from 4:00-4:30. Also if you are a senator please help out and let me know so I can see if I need to encourage more people.

Open Forum

Senator Bright: Are we able to get an update with speaking with Bon Appetit?

Senator Moyes: I think we discussed we were going to send someone to talk to them.

Senator Avent: To clarify we were going to encourage senator Willis to talk to them.

Senator Eaton: If I recall there was definitely a motion

Senator Avent: There was a motion I’m not sure if passed.

Senator Willis: I was appointed I haven’t given them a letter yet.

Senator Moyes: Did we agree as a house who was going to right the letter?

Senator Avent: I would like to motion to refer this student life committee.

Senator Moyes: I call for a division of the house

All in favor: 10

All against: 5

The matter is referred to the student life committee.

Chairman Willis: In reference to senator Dittman’s statement, I believe the form has some misstates in it.

Senator Avent: I believe the actual case is that the year of 2020 only existed in certain part

Dean Steve: Was the application itself wrong or the website?

Chairman Willis: It was in the application itself.

VP Murphy: Is it after you login in with your name and email?

Chairman Willis: yes

VP Murphy: How can this be fixed?

Dean Steve: It should be easy, except it is live now so I don’t know if it can be done, I don’t know if I need to upload a new one.

PPT LaQuey: Given that I had a presidential run, I would like to congratulate chairman Willis

VP murphy: What?

PPT LaQuey: I was joking, last year, I ran for student body president, if he is running 2019-2020 so we are running against each other.

Senator Avent: In reference to the joke, I would like to say that I understood it right away.

Citizen Foster: I think you should look into getting a new scanner on campus. I have to scan things, the only good scanner that students use on campus is in the library and it closes it early.

Chairman Willis: I will say that I love submitting stuff online, all of my roommates use their phones, I don’t know how hard or difficult it is. I would encourage you to ask your floor.

President Turner: If you have an iPhone is just have an iPhone, you can use, I can understand getting scanner though if you do not have one.

Citizen Foster: With response to the apps, I hate them, I would rather us the scanner in the library. I would rather something like that.

Senator Avent: I would like to say I agree with all of these. Using the scanners is important for my work. This is a good idea.

Citizen Place: I completely agree.

Senator Eaton: In response does the printer in the achievement center work?

Citizen Place: It does, but it closes at 9:30 except on the weekends when its closed all the time.

Senator Gonzalez: In response to the concerns, I would like to refer this to the student life committee.


Division of the house:

All in favor: 9

All against 7

Matter referred to the student life committee

Dean Steve: Dean Scott, point of update, the impact application is now fixed.

Chairman Willis: Just a point of clarification, we may want to talk to our floors about this, we want to ask people about this and get the word out about it. Although I suspect that there is a need for it. We should all go to our floors and ask.

VP Murphy: The purpose of referring is that it is your responsible, but we still need to speak to our floors.

Senator Moyes: I would like to motion that we table the issue for two sessions to discuss it with our floors.

Senator Avent: I have a question, is it possible to table something after it has been referred to a committee?

VP Murphy: It cannot be tabled because it has been moved already.

Senator Moyes: Does that mean that they would bring this up during committee reports?

VP Murphy: Yes

Senator Gonzalez: I have questions: some people on my floor pointed out in the welcome back initiative there is not a stipulation against power suiting. Is that still not allowed?

Dean Scott: There was no change to allow that. There was no discussion about changing that.

Senator Gonzalez: Would you continue changing those rules?

Dean Scott: I have not thought about it. I do not know why that would be a good idea. I don’t know what case would be made that would result in that.

Senator Gonzalez: With people in isolation, is it true that after you have been infected or vaccinated, within those 90 days, will you not be required to isolate?

Dean Scott: I have not seen the official word on the vaccine, but I was discussing with Allen Clipperton, my guess is probably yes. There is a window of immunity that we do not require you to isolate for. We have discussed this.

Senator Gonzalez: For people getting a verbal warning, it’s been brought to my attention that is a written and then a fine.

Dean Scott: Last year was verbal then written we are just giving a written warning right away. It is written warning, second written warning with small fine, and conduct meeting.

Senator Gonzalez: Can we have another sort of warning before another type of fine?

Dean Scott: You are requesting a second written warning?

President Turner: That is what the first waring is for.

Senator Bright: Last semester you had two warning before a penalty. He is requesting we return to that.

Senator Dittman: I understand what senator Gonzalez is saying about having 2 warnings then a fine and then more disciplinary action. I want to discuss senator Gonzalez’s second point. That would cause more problems. Some of us are asymptomatic, if the person is immune to covid they can still spread the covid. That is my concern even if you have the vaccine you can still be a carrier. It is like the polio vaccine.

Dean Steve: That is my concern, and I am not sure yet. We will follow best practices and we will follow the CDC. The science has not crystalized. That’s why I said, I think. It’s not written down.

VP Murphy: I would like to request, we have clarification on the school’s policies, by the time it is available to students.

Dean Scott: Not only would that be possible, but why would we do it any other way?

Senator Avent: In reference to question 2, I have know of a case where someone tested positive and even though it was less than 90 days they had to quarantine again.

Senator Dittman: This is also just not for vaccine this is for people who tested positive, they can still carry covid. That would be that bad part of having the 90 days you can still have it with you.

PPT LaQuey: It is 11:52, you are exempt from the meeting if you have class.

VP Murphy: Technically that would be my call, I excuse you.

Senator Avent: Motion to adjourn

Senator Moyes: In reference to the earlier discussion as a house we just put it to rest and we should also consider that students that have a brain and will make the correct decision.

Senator Gonzalez: In response to senator Moyes comments we should represent people’s questions and educate them.

Senator Avent: In response, seeing that we are getting close to 12, I suggest that we just leave and adjourn the meeting next week.

PPT LaQuey: Technically people who have class do not count towards quorum.

Citizen Foster: I would like to ask a question of Dean Scott about what the policies of immunizations are in regard to T cell immunity tests.

Dena Scott: What what now?

VP Murphy: I think there is not enough information of who can count as immune.

Dean Scott: You are asking some detailed questions. As far as I know people ask good questions we don’t know the answers to. Asking the nurse is a good place to start.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:58 AM