Session of February 11th, 2021

February 11, 2021

Minutes Recorded by: McKenzie Craycraft, Secretary

Visitors: Dean Scott, Stephen Fosters, Josh Allen, Parker Pettitt, Jonathan Mathews,

Call to Order at 11:07 AM

Senator Bright prays

Roll Called

Approval of Minutes

Minutes approved at 11:11 AM

Officer Reports

PPT LaQuey: We all have name tents, part of what we’re doing is acting. We are acting out the best part of ourselves. I want to encourage you to be professional. The procedure exists to help us accomplish what we are here to do. We are here to learn and get things to do. We can have fun.

Sergeant Edwards: If there are any mistakes with the cards, I will be replacing them just let me know.

Senator Avent: Motion to refer to senator Edwards as sergeant Edwards


Committee Reports

Senator Anderson: FAC, the budgets have been submitted. We have not had any additional ones added. There are six clubs that are requesting over $500. I have scheduled a time for them to present on the 20th from 3-5.

Senator Willis: For student life, we are going to do more announcements for the sustenance act so we can give more floors more snacks. Let your floors choose a few snacks.

Senator Avent: Motion to add senator Gonzalez to the role.


Senator Dittman: GoPro, the application closed last night we have nine people running. I have gotten confirmation from most we have nine for LSM, YAC and VP the rest are for president. This week is all interviews. I will ask my GoPro people if they are free to do the interviews. I may have problems picking a time.

VP Murphy: Even though GoPro is responsible for elections everyone can assist in the process.

Special Business

Senators Allan, Moore, and Edward sworn in

PPT LaQuey: I appoint senator Edward to PR&R, Allen and Moore to FAC.

Old Business


New Business

Senator Bright: Motion to bring resolution COVID19 Mutual Corporation of Spring 2021 to the floor.


VP Murphy: Is what is currently on the screen not the same as what you were reading?

Senator Bright: I sent an email last night that had the one I read. It is very close though.

Senator Avent: I talked to some people on my floor and they approve of the resolution.

Senator Anderson: If there is no further discussion, I motion bring this resolution to a vote.


Senator Anderson: I would like to amend my motion to vote on the resolution as stated verbally.

Senator Avent: The bill on the floor is what was presented by Bright.

Senator Beach: Was senator Moyes not sponsored?

Senator Avent: This is ready for voting.

VP Murphy: I just wanted to see if there was any more discussion.

Resolution Approved

VP Murphy: What happens from here?

Senator Bright: We now need to discuss who is going to draft the letter and it will be approved by a simple majority. I am happy to write it with others. We will present it next week for approval.

PPT LaQuey: My recommendation is that the sponsor write the letter. We should publish the first draft in discord so we can get this wrapped up.

Senator Avent: Motion to have those sponsors to write the letter to be approved.



Senator Gonzalez: On behalf of chairman Willis, we will be having senate ice cream tomorrow. We will be at ASC from 3:30-4:30. I am not sure what location we will be going to during the second shift.

Senator Avent: I believe it is Davis, Thomas, and Gilbert area.

Open Forum

Senator Gregory: I was told that I am going to bring up a conversation about the different points of covid regulation and how if affects spiritual life. 1. Should we ask facility members to respond to the questions about singing in chapel? I think we should sing in chapel. 2. We need to have students realize that the staff isn’t doing everything with a bad motive. 3. How do we explain this to students. 4. I believe we need to have a day of prayer or a way of encouraging worship. That could be a day or more support and advertisement of prayer and praise. And an ISM newsletter, I think we should have a way of communication that is visual. When I was in isolation, I felt forgotten, I do not want people to feel that way.

Senator Willis: I would like to emphasize discussions between student body and staff. It is important to communicate they are doing the best they can.

PPT LaQuey: I am proud of everyone for making sure our conversations are constructive.

Senator Bright: In chapel there was a video that announced a discussion time. Is there an open forum where people can ask questions of administration?

VP Murphy: Is that February 16? As far as I am aware, there is not an event where people can have a direct open forum with leadership. It is senate’s job to filter the voices to get to the correct places.

Dean Steve: The answer is no. If we want to speak to the administration, we can if you have specific questions, we can ask for it. I have not refused to meet with anyone. I have met with everyone. I think we are open. Town hall meetings can get hostile. Is that the best thing? Let the minutes show that Dean Scott’s babysitter needs to leave at 11:45.

Senator Dittman: I am going into the whole faith formation, it is getting very cold, there are chances of snow, that is going to prevent prayer and praise, so let’s not freeze the band. Maybe we could do the time of prayer inside the old chapel. Just having full out prayer. I think there is upcoming prayer in that building. Maybe we could just have a prayer time and have the piano player play some music while people pray. We can be distanced in those locations. We can communicate with them.

VP Murphy: As a member of the prayer and praise team, this Sunday there will not be official prayer and praise because of the break on Monday. Some of the members of the teams are organizing their own prayer and praise. Getting into Spear is not a problem just need to limit people. Prayer and praise do have the options to go to the pavilion. When it is cold there are fire pits that we can use. LSM is working on getting some stuff together.

Senator Gregory: Why can we not use Belcher?

Dean Steve: You can use Belcher if it is available, and you have to pay for the use.

Senator Bright: Is that money coming from prayer and praise or is that something the university can over in light of it being spiritual life?

VP Murphy: Speak to Pat Mays about that. It is very restricted about what can be used. If it was just the money Pat Mays would jump on board.

Senator Dittman: Even if we are getting into a building, we will still have the restriction of singing. People will be upset. If we go into a building it will be more prayer and less praise.

PPT LaQuey: It is currently 11:50, we need to wrap up discussion. I have spoken to several people, there is something not right. In the past, it has been common for to call for a day of fasting and prayer and make it school wide. I was wondering if we could direct the student life committee to see the price of patio heaters.

VP Murphy: LSM has already coordinated a day of prayer. On the second point, as far as getting heaters, if it is for prayer and praise that would come out of LSM budget if it is heaters for anyone that can be student life.

Citizen Mathews: Use fire it’s fun.

PPT LaQuey: Point of information Moyes

Senator Moyes: Does anyone have access to heating devices, do we know if YAC or ASC has those. Can we look into that?

Senator Avent: In the interest of time, I think we should refer this to student life


Senator Bright: Any update on the thank notes?

Sergeant Edwards: Motion to adjourn

Senator Anderson: I call for a division of the house

Meeting Adjourned at 11:53 AM