Session of February 25th, 2021

February 25, 2021

Minutes Recorded by: McKenzie Craycraft, Secretary

Visitors: Parker Pettitte, Joe Ryan, Steven Foster, Nathan Rubingh

Call to Order at 11:01 AM

Senator Gregory prays

Roll Called

Approval of Minutes

Minutes approved at 11:05 AM

Officer Reports

PPT LaQuey: Part of your job is to make sure you communicate to your floors. Spend an hour in session, an hour with committee and an hour with your floor. Do you have a method to communicate with your floor? That way I can check your work. In addition, as you are aware, the GoPRo committee has been isolated. This Saturday and this Tuesday we will need help. If I send a call out, please help. Today’s session has a lot to get though, keep things quick.

Committee Reports

Senator Anderson: Today we will present the club funding bills. This will be brought up in new business. Another point South Field funding, some clubs had large requests to fix the south field. We will fund this as a separate funding. We will revisit this later.

Senator Gonzalez: There has been an addition of senators, we will try to make next week or the following week picture week. I will get an email out. We are trying to finalize the website for April.

Senator Willis: For student life committee, regarding the sustenance act, I sent an email out to all the senators, March 1 is the deadline. I have heard back from three floors. This is underway. I do not know when the next shipment will be. I’m thinking next Monday or Tuesday.

PPT LaQuey: This is from chairman Dittman: We will make it through we have snow and covid, we have rooms reserved for debate. This week is an open house. We need all senate to help.

VP Murphy: All available monkeys need to be available to jump senator Dittman’s words.

Chairman Willis: It’s great to be back, for the ISN flyers, we have deiced on the design. We will get these printed out so the RD can distribute these. There has been a lot of talk about giving a gift to people who was helping with the snow. We are working on contacting these people to see who all is involved. That is still in the works. If you want to help out with that just let me know.

Special Business

VP Murphy: In the new batch of senators who want to help, one who reached out is the RA of flooders. Nathan wants to be the senator for the floor. They both want to be senators, as part of the byelaws people cannot hold a paid impact position and a senator position. That is the point being brought up to vote on. So that this individual can represent his floor. Any questions or discussion?

Senator Moore: Why do we have the rule in place?

VP Murphy: That rule exists to make sure a single individual is not overloaded with multiple jobs. The paid impact position can include a few things. It exists as a check. The rule exists because our school is small. It allows other people to be involved in jobs. It is up to senate to decide if this person is okay to do all of those things.

Senator Anderson: I think it would be great for flooders to have two senators, if one of them is an RA and a senator, if he feels if he is capable, it would be good for the representation of flooders.

Chairman Willis: If the speaker chair approved, we could hear from the person.

Citizen Nathan: I want to serve my floor, I want to do everything I can. I believe that senate is not too much. I do not have a super heavy load so I think I would have time.

PPT LaQuey: motion to bring to a vote.


Senator Gonzalez: Could we vote by roll?

VP Murphy: Motion to bring matter to a vote.


VP Murphy: All in favor of voting by roll call.

Motion is approved

Citizen Nathan is approved to join senate

Old Busines


New Business

Senator Anderson: Motion to bring Club Funding Bill of Fall 2021 to the floor


Senator Gonzalez: Why does the WARS club and YDGA club have over $1,000 each?

Senator Anderson: The WARS club is looking to basically purchase new and better swords. There were not as many funds requested so it was a good opportunity to fund those who needed more. As for YDGA, they are getting a lot of outside funding, that is covering most of their budget, that is stuff like to fund costs to go to different places and hold competitions. Also, they are looking to bring in the 2018 world champion. A lot of the costs are just for getting the basket back for the course. Most of the costs are for the course as well has going places.

Senator Allen: Point on that, a lot of those were one-time costs and the WARS club tripled in size.

Senator Gonzalez: Motion to bring to a vote


Bill Approved

Senator Avent: Motion to bring Gratuity Act of 2021 bill to the floor.


Senator Avent: Motion to friendly amend the bill.


Senator Avent: This is brought up to spread to floors and also for anyone to look at and suggest any changes that might be necessary.

Senator Crowder: I do not understand the $500 for the gift baskets.

PPT LaQuey: The $1,000 for the gift baskets is because we have 48-50 Ras to give gift baskets to. So if we give them a $15 gift it will add up.

Senator Gonzalez: Motion to table until a further date.


Chairman Willis: I had a bill but I will postpone it until next week.


Chairman Willis: In light of the snow melting, we will be celebrating with ice of our own. We will have it 3:30-4:30, now that the roads are de-iced, we will go to other dorms now. 4:00-4:30 we will go to the next dorm in the line.

PPT LaQuey: As was mentioned, elections are happening, this Saturday at 7 pm, will be exec cab debates, that will start at 7 pm.

VP Murphy: Please come at 5 to help setup.

PPT LaQuey: If you can come please do, distribute the live stream. We can have the overflow crowd. This Tuesday March 2 is elections chapel, that will be in Belcher, you will get chapel credit, but there is a limit of who can be there. First come first serve.

VP Murphy: Any volunteers to help with debates, please wear your senate shirts.

Open Forum

Chairman Willis: I have 2 things, I would ask the speaker chair or the PPT, what is your plan to do with lack of signatures?

VP Murphy: Because it is digital, I have been communicating to try to get an update for collecting signatures. What I have heard is 300. Most have reached the number, as of 4:30 the others are 40 signatures short, the deadline is midnight tomorrow. On further communication the buzz app, have been used to get to the students, but in the invent that the person does not reach the requirement, it is up to GoPro to decide.

Chairman Willis: I would like to take the floor for addressing the floor.

VP Murphy: You have permission.

Chairman Willis: I wanted to let you know about how things have going with my personal campaign, I want to speak to you as a citizen. It’s been very interesting with gathering signatures. Some things I have done is I’ve gone to saga and showed them a QR code to try to get signatures. I have had friends to go floor to floor. That has been a great help, I have emailed over 500 people with the signature link. With the approval of the student life, I have hung up posters. I have been doing the best I can. With all the things I have mentioned, the email I have sent out, as well as posters, all of that has received me about 40 signatures. I think that reason for that I need to return to the submarine analogy. College was not meant to happen during a pandemic. It there will always be inconstancy and things do not make sense. I have used google forms. I do not virtual signature collection is meant to be a thing. Considering a lot of people who agree this is not working well. More than being elected, I want to be on the ballet, I want the choice to be up to the people. A lot of people are counting on me. People would be upset if you all approved me with 2/3. I understand the plan will not eliminate the others because of the issues. I believe they are correct in doing that. I think this would make people more upset if they would see if they are supporting me as their candidate. They will wonder why those people got a free pass on the signatures. I want to purpose that senate through its 2/3 that they approve all parties to run and be on the ballet. I would like to advocate for this. I think this would help things to be more official and fairer. Regardless of if this happens, I will continue to collect signatures through google forms. I come to you to purpose that we give the people the option. This is why the 2/3 results exists. To be honest, God has grown me a lot, I am ready to get this over with.

VP Murphy: There is only 2 minutes left. I think officially, for the sake of time I’m going to be very clear. What was just brought up, I am going to break it down, what you have purposed is not a thing, that is up to GoPro, the deadline does not close until tomorrow. This is not an issue until tomorrow. If they reconsider the signatures, does not happen until tomorrow. As a matter of if, then it is up to GoPro to decide. There is the possibility of calling an emergency senate meeting. President Turner would you consider a meeting?

President Turner: Yes.

VP Murphy: I am not blowing over the important, out of respect for those 12:00 classes, I think we should conclude.

Senator Anderson: I just have a question; do we know what other candidates are looking those requirements?

VP Murphy: I do not understand.

Senator Anderson: What are candidates are trying to get signatures?

VP Murphy: Erin, and Gabriel

Senator Anderson: Are there any other write-ins?

VP Murphy: They have up to 24 hours they have more time.

Senator Anderson: Do we have any others?

VP Murphy: No

Senator Gonzalez: As far as I am aware of the situation, it leaves a lot to speculate why Mr. Willis was eliminated. I would appreciate that. On a point of ethics, Caleb ran a campaign last year, there is no ethical reason to not allow a citizen to run for exec cab. We have done this in previous years. With that said I would like to bring this matter to a vote on roll call.

VP Murphy: What will we vote on?

PPT LaQuey: Are you motioning to have senate to do a 2/3 process?

Senator Gonzalez: I believe that is what I am requesting.

VP Murphy: You are motioning to have senators to overall rule the process?

Sgt Edwards: We are running out of time I motion to adjourn.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:55 AM