Session of April 8th, 2021

April 8, 2021

Minutes Recorded by: Gabriel Willis, Imposter Secretary

Visitors: Parker Petit, Stephen Foster, Alex Place

Call to Order from recess at 11:05 AM

Senator Rubingh prays

Roll Called

Approval of Minutes

Senator Rubingh: Motion to un-strike the words stated by Senator Hofer that aviation professors have no souls. Senator Hofer seconded.

Motion passes

Motion to approve the minutes by senator

Minutes approved at 11:13 AM

Officer Reports

PPT LaQuey: You only have three un-excused absences before you are warned and then removed. Keep things witty and quick because we have a lot to discuss today.

Committee Reports


Taking things a bit more chill. Done with gift baggies. Planning an event for heck week. Not doing anything else. Just sitting around and eating fruit snacks like a bunch of 7 year olds….

Special Business

PPT LaQuey: I motion to appoint Chairman Willis as temporary secretary and approve any previous work he has done.

Motion passes

Old Business


New Business

Senator Avent: Motion to bring a bill to the floor

Motion passes

Bill “Call to Foosball Game Table Bill of Spring 2021” was brought to the floor and read by Senator Avent.

Senator Eaton: The bill fails to define the usage of the word 'schlap'.

Kendra Murphy: It is an official word since it is in our previous minutes from Senator Cactus. Who would like to give a definition?

PPT LaQuey: Schalpped means it will be placed or stuck on to the side of said foosball table. I also rise to the question of what percentage of this table will be bought with our funds? We want them to have some skin in the game and use their own funds. Is there any stipulation that requires that a certain amount of contribution from D1 is required?

VP Murphy: We aren’t sure how much money they have in their funds. A percentage amount could make this troublesome for some floors. Even if for some reason they don’t have most of the percentage it could be because they’ve thrown a lot of events already and there’s not a lot of funds in the first place, hence my hesitation.

Senator Avent: The total of $200 is meant to be a limiting factor so that no more than $200 can be purchased.

Senator Anderson: I motion to bring this bill to a vote.

Motion Passes

Bill Approved

Senator Rubingh: I motion to bring a resolution to the floor.

Motion passes

Resolution is brought to the floor and read by Senator Rubingh.

(Senator Edwards got up to go to the bathroom at 11:22 AM and returned at 11:24 AM)

Senator Bright: As for this resolution, approximately two months ago we sent the memorandum/letter and Steve Conn apologized earlier this week letting us know that we did not receive the attention we deserved on this matter. Kristy Morgan had seriously discussed the letter and they wanted to talk about what they had decided. LaQuey and I will be meeting with them later this week or soon. This was still not two-way communication since there was not an initiative on their end to reply to our letter. LaQuey and I will find out their

Senator Rubingh: I made a typo in Point 2 Sub-point C: It should be the passage of this letter/communication not the passage of this resolution.

Motion to friendly amend by Senator Rubingh.

PPT LaQuey: It’s technically a memorandum, not a letter/communication.

Friendly amend passes.

Senator Eaton: Why do we expect to get any particular response to this letter rather than any we’ve previously sent? The purpose of the letter is talking about how we don’t get communication.

Senator Rubingh: Firstly, we are also sending it to Steve Mason. I don’t believe he’s heard a lot about this. Secondly, this is just a first step informing them that this is happening and that it needs to stop. If they further refuse we will be forced to take further action.

Senator Bright: Would Senator Rubingh be willing to talk about the underlying premise that Senate is supposed to govern the student body and that the administration needs to be accountable to the senate and vice versa? We should lay out this foundational principle.

PPT LaQuey: The first point I have, regards to the buzz app, there was a small survey sent out (to only IMPACT leaders, as clarified by Murphy). Secondly as far as self-governance, the entire purpose is to be a deliberative body. We’re not just here to be a survey, we’re here to do the right thing. What is the right way to resolve issues. What we’re experiencing is that this is not taking place between us and the administration. Concerned students have not had the say that they should in policies and whatnot. Earlier this week I had the issue that this uses the premise of the constitution. Our constitution needs to be reformed as well in conjunction with this. The handbook needs to be revised too for elements that are not enforced like the constitution. We need to make sure that our constitution reflects reality and the appropriate and desired relationship of all involved: Senate, student life, admin. This is a conversation that needs to have for proper self-governance.

Senator Rubingh: I do want to add that in addition to PPT LaQuey’s points is that in addition to talking to people in and out of senate, they don’t take us seriously or our constitution. Part of the point of this is to let them know we are serious and here to be serious. We’re not just here to goof off and have fun. We’re here for serious matters as well. I make the argument from the constitution because its what gives us the power. If we made the argument off something else it has no foundation since it is not our place to make arguments from other places.

Senator Anderson: I’d also like to offer the point that the sort of stipulations of this resolution, provisions rather, are very effective and sincere in their nature to express the issues and show them that we’re not just rising up against the administration but we want to formally address this.

Senator Willis: Motion to bring this resolution to a vote.

Motion passes.

Resolution passes.

Senator Dittman: Doesn’t a resolution have to be ratified?

VP Murphy: That’s only for amendments to the constitution. Resolutions and bills don’t have to be ratified.

Senator Bright: The letter will be brought to the senate and voted on before being sent forward.

Senator Dittman: It does say that it shall be drafted and presented before being sent forward.


VP Murphy: Firstly, for dead week, we will be coordinating an event with Sherri Chance and other people to have a parade for the seniors in dead week so that the seniors can celebrate their graduation even if they cant be there at the actual graduation ceremony. Because senior design presentations will be taking place all day Friday, these will be happening 11-12 AM Thursday. I propose we move it to the same time on Tuesday, April 27th. That will be our last session of the semester and it will be chair’d by incoming VP Luke Avent. I’m bringing this up now because if you have conflicts we need to know ahead of time and adjust accordingly.

Senator Rubingh: I believe RAs have training at that time. So I will need to be excused.

Senator Avent: Who actually moves that? Would it be you or me?

VP Murphy: It would be me for rescheduling the day and time of the session since we have to give notice but you would be chairing the session.

Senator Eaton: Is there any reason we shouldn’t discuss this in the Discord?

VP Murphy: Yes, just want to drop it now.

Senator Willis: Ice cream usual time. Make sure you get your snacks.

Open Forum

PPT LaQuey: Real brief point, the end of the semester is near. If you are interested in being an officer in senate or chairing a committee, please come talk with me.

Chairman Willis Presents Data

Chairman Willis uses a laser pointer

The click part of the laser pointer doesn’t work

72% of respondents are male…

Dorm and Floor Life has the highest impact on the LeTourneau Experience.

Athletics are second most impactful, but only to those involved.

The NEO-Trinities.

RAs should be given free room and board

Student Government should have a say in policies, and there is overwhelming agreement.

Meeting Recessed at 11:55 AM

Chairman Willis finishes his presentation.

Data and Executive Summary Available

Will be presented at 6:20pm

Everybody leaves at 12:03pm