Session of April 22nd, 2021

April 22, 2021

Minutes Recorded by: McKenzie Craycraft, Secretary

Visitors: Abbie Turner, Joseph Ryan, Stephan Foster

Call to Order at 11:04 AM

Senator Moyes prays

Roll Called

Approval of Minutes

Minutes approved at 11:08 AM

Officer Reports

PPT LaQuey: We met to with the alumni, it was a good conversation. The letter was sent to the chair. It will be discussed in open forum. This is the last call for people trying to be in leadership. Lastly, I want to thank you all, it has been a pleasure to serve you all.

Committee Reports

Senator Anderson: FAC we met this last week, we discussed the process of funding organizations. We discussed the processes, and it was a training session

Senator Avent: Student life, we have had some changes in leadership. The new co-chair is Senator Crowder.

Chairman Willis: We will be watching your career with great interest. We have one bill today for the super ice cream during finals week. Besides that, we are going to attempt to do something for the fire department.

Senator Willis: Also, student life, we did make a change to the way the snackage works, if you do not take them within the first week, they will be taken within the first week for anyone who wants a floor refill.

Special Business

PPT LaQuey: I do not have the official letter with me, but senator Taylor informed me he will resign.

Old Business

Senator Crowder: Motion to bring Ultimate Senate Ice Cream Funding Bill of Spring 2021 bill to the floor.


Senator Moyes: How much ice cream are we getting and how much do we run out of? What happens to the money we have left?

VP Murphy: During hell week we get Blue Bell so a lot more people go through it. We get a bit more than normal, whatever is left over we just give out. We have money, anything we do not use will roll over. Do not blow it all on ice cream.

Senator Eaton: We have in the general fund $12,000. We are fine on that.

Senator Bright: Has senate looked into setting money aside for a return yield? If we have a working budget of $7,000 you could put $5,000 a side.

Senator Avent: Motion to bring to a vote


Bill approved

New Business

Senator Anderson: Motion to bring Frigid Apes Bill of Spring 2021 bill to the floor


Senator Avent: Motion to bring to a vote

PPT LaQuey: Point of discussion, will this be in Tyler Hall over break, or will it be taken home?

Senator Anderson: It will be stored over break. We have cleared our storage room.

Bill approved

PPT LaQuey: Motion to bring Senate Celebration Dinner Act of Spring 2021 bill to the floor


Senator Hofer: Is there a set date? I apologize, I don’t know how I missed that

Senator Willis: Please state your name

Senator Anderson: Is this U.S. dollars?

VP Murphy: What part of last serious session have we missed?

Senator Avent: Motion to bring to a vote


Bill approved.


Chairman Willis: Ice cream this week will be Klondike ice cream. With that in mind, if you are able to come for any part that would be very helpful.

VP Murphy: Our last session will take place on Tuesday April 22. Our new VP will be chairing the last session. Luke will be taking over. The new leadership will be determined. Those of you who are stepping down please let me know. I can write it down in the discord.

VP Avent: I will not tolerate any jokes stuff, until the serious stuff is done.

Senator Eaton: Was this missed on discord? No one violently yelled it.

Open Forum

Senator Willis: I wanted to let you know ahead of time, I have been preparing a bill for next session.

Chairman Willis: Motion to bring the letter to the floor.

Senator Hofer: I would suggest if we ratified by roll call and we could have the signatures on it

Chairman Willis: I so call it

VP Murphy: All in favor


Chairman Willis: This is just a first step. The suggestions made within this are a few suggestions. They are a way to be a part of a solution and define the problem.

Citizen Foster: I have spoked to my chaplain, he wants to get some funds, if this is going to include the spiritual life I would like that to be included.

Senator Rubingh: This is from senate body; I would not recommend putting the names on the letter

Senator Anderson: Point of information, campus pastor Mays is also part of the student life administration and organization structure. I motion we include his name.

Senator Moyes: We do not have any names on it, we do not want it to be personal, we want it to be addressing the office

Senator Anderson: I would like to amend my motion to amend campus pastor and not include any names.


Chairman Willis: If you scroll up, it has changed the name.

Senator Eaton: I would like to say the changes were added before the motion passed

Chairman Willis: That can’t be proved

Senator Moyes: I also think there is a general census, please speak now if you disagree

Senator Bright: Is there anything in this letter including anyone attending their meetings

VP Murphy: There can be a discussion that takes place of what senate is responsible for and what we want from the school.

Sgt. Edwards: This is very natural way to way to approach this. We could ask to come to meetings later.

VP Murphy: We should consider ourselves before we start looking for specks.

President Ryan: What is the method of the delivery, is it the email or handing it over?

Chairman Willis: I think that would be up to the VP

VP Murphy: Is that Luke’s or mine?

Chairman Willis: Yes

VP Murphy: That is up to Luke

Senator Hofer: Motion to bring to a vote

PPT LaQuey: Point of discussion, this is something that has taken a lot of thought, it needs to be prayed over. This is what senate can do best. Please continue to this. Part of this is pray for who will read this. Brief note on method of delivery, the student body president would have the direct contact to deliver it.

VP Murphy: All in favor of brining to a vote

Senator Bright: If you abstain talk to the secretary.

Avent, Hoekstra, Gonzalez abstained from the vote

Session is recessed 11:50 AM