Session of February 10, 2022

February 10, 2022

Minutes Recorded by: Bethany, Secretary


Call to Order at 11:09 AM

Senator prays

Roll Called

Minutes Approved at 11:13

Officer Reports:

PPT Moyes: Good morning, keep in mind that senate is a responsibility and commitment. That looks like emails from and to lots of people. If you have a valid reason for an absence, please tell us.

Committee Reports:

Chairman Crowder: Student life committee is continuing to look into BBQ sauce, straws, and lids. Regarding the town hall, I will bring that up in open forum.

Chairman Drebot: Interviews are getting done. Student body president interviews were yesterday.

Chairman Gonzales: Would you pull up the website? The legislation template? Just a minor update, you can download the template on the website. We also added a banner with election dates.

Senator Allen: I did send an email about club funding. It went to all club presidents. Requests will be due Saturday, the 19th. Hopefully the bill passes on Thursday, the 3rd to give time for presentations.

Special Business:

PPT Moyes: I would like to announce the resignation of Senator Emerson. I will read her message, but essentially, she simply has too many other personal responsibilities and problems. She does not want to continue if she cannot do her best.

Old Business:

Senator Bright: On the calc II SI, Caleb and I are meeting with Ms. Debbie today. It all hinges on if she can find a student willing to do the SI. Also, I would like to ask, would whoever brought this up bring up the reasons why the math lab isn’t sufficient?

VP Avent: We will do that in open forum.

Senator Berry: I need everyone’s polo sizes. Please respond by the end of the day. Could you email Hanniah? She does not have discord.

New Business:


Chairman Crowder: Friday ice cream is happening this week – blue bell chocolate. We are also doing materials run at 1:30 if anyone wants to join.

Chairman Drebot: This Monday is signature week. Feel free to sign packets to approve them being on the ballot. Elections chapel is on the 28th. Debate night is on the 19th, the plan is to do it in here around 5.

Chairman Crowder: Almost forgot, floor snacks are also in.

Open forum:

Senator Hofer: The calculus SI session is needed because the math lab is not enough, but I don’t remember why.

Senator Berry: A lot of people don’t like math lab because it is there for homework only, not to teach the material.

Senator Hofer: Thank you, that is what we were thinking. That seems to be the main complaint.

Senator Naranjo: Also, the SI works with the teacher and attends class, so they know more than the math lab.

Guest: Senate funding is March 3. That might be too late for some clubs.

Senator Allen: That is my mistake. I was slow at getting club funding going this semester. The plan normally is to have the funds due the 3rd week of the semester. This won’t be the case in the future.

Senator Bright: Since this semester is different, if someone needs funding, they can bring a special bill forward.

PPT Moyes: About the YAC cave back room. Is there a reason the room is locked more frequently?

Chairman Crowder: I know Hannah Eisen works that area. There isn’t an exact reason but probably more for precaution. For town hall, Senator Fuentes talked with Dr. Conn. The idea was to turn it more into a career fair type of thing so there is moving around and interaction with different people. We’re thinking of posting QR codes so we can gather questions and post what groups will be present. For the event, we can present pre-written and reviewed questions for more organization. We also talked about submitting the QR to individual floors, but both Senator Berry and I do that it removes the purpose of having a senator on the floor.

VP Avent: It would be good if the QR codes are accessible to all senators.

Senator Bright: Chairman Crowder, would you clarify between job fair style and QR question session?

Chairman Crowder: The idea is to have an opportunity for the groups to answer questions to a big group. We are not sure exactly what we’ll do yet. With the job fair, it leaves room for frustrating and confrontational, unpredictable questions.

Senator Bright: One bill that is in the works is getting a piano for Davis Hall to put in the lobby. Senate seems more excited with funding things along with floor funds?

Senator Hill: There are pianos the whole campus has access to.

Senator Hofer: From experience, the Belcher one is not always accessible. It is nice to have one on your floor and it doesn’t seem unreasonable.

Senator Byrn: I see free one’s on Craigslist.

Senator Berry: You can reserve the spear piano for practice. If you are considering a piano, think about tuning.

PPT Moyes: This is a recurring issue from students those pianos are not tuned. Dr. Taylor has a fund for tuning those pianos every two years. Possibly he could have some assistance.

Senator Hofer: I think it is not about planning a practice, more like sudden urges.

Citizen Langley: Have you considered talking to your RD and funds for each building?

PPT Moyes: During Hootenanny there will be a race hosted by the automotive society with go carts. It might be a good idea to participate if floors are interested.

Senator Hill: I think we should have a senate funded car with senate stickers all over it.

Senator Berry: Go carts are expensive. Subsidizing?

Senator Byrn: I have access to a large go cart.

VP Avent: The apartments RA requested a new TV funded by senate, if someone would write a bill since I can't as VP, that would be great.

Senator Drebot: Are there funds?

Chairman Crowder: Where would the tv be placed?

VP Avent: The request is for the village center.

PPT Moyes: If someone is interested, that is up to them.

Senator Berry: How much would it cost?

VP Avent: I don’t know. It is not high priority.

Senator Edwards: I have an update from Gabe Willis about the Buzz Word. “We are doing well and have recently added multiple contractors onto our team from outside of senate to help with graphics, web design, and more. The Buzz Word is growing and as we continue to meet as a staff and plan for our future, we are excited to see where the Lord takes us. There are some in the Senate who wish to make the Buzz Word independent from Student Senate for various reasons. I am one such person, and every member of the Buzz Word's editor team desires this as well to my knowledge. There are, however, some who want to expedite this process without officially consulting or communicating with the Buzz Word's staff beyond "this is happening". This is not necessary and a move that is not requested by the student body or those invested in the Buzz Word. We already are moving toward independence through a new logo, Buzz App account, and more are already underway. What is essential here is communication and planning by all the stakeholders and those who are invested in the Buzz Word. The Buzz Word has seen explosive growth with over 1,000 unique visitors to the site in a mere semester of its existence. It would be a shame to hinder or even entirely destroy this organization's future by forcibly moving it to independence before its staff team is ready. This is why I urge senate to motion that the Buzz Word's migration off the senate website and other related changes be postponed until it's editors vote during a meeting that it is ready to do so.I know there will be questions and statements made in response to this which I cannot respond to myself, but I implore anyone who is interested in this matter to reach out to me. Attend our meetings. I can send you our meeting minutes, notes, plans, and visions for the future. We are the people's newspaper. And I harken back to my final words before I left you: ‘Don't break anything while I'm gone.’” – Gabe Willis

VP Avent: I motion to refer this matter to the committee of chairs.

Chairman Drebot: I motion to put the statement in the record.

Chairman Allen: On the funding of a go cart, I would say probably not. However, if there was a dire need and there are no more floor funds, there might be an opportunity.

Senator Bright: Can the go pro committee give an update on candidates?

Chairman Drebot: There will be 5 people running for student body president, 1 for VP, 1 for LSM, and 1 for YAC. YAC interview is tomorrow.

Senator Berry: Can you list the 5 people running?

Chairman Drebot: Strong, Langley, Manchester, Everett, and Bruk

Chairman Crowder: Which interview is this?

Chairman Drebot: We decided we didn’t need the secondary interview, so we just did one.

PPT Moyes: The go pro interview is not necessary to clarify.

Senator Bright: How many people are running for VP?

Senator Ko: How does one get a legendary senate sticker?

Chairman Crowder: Come to me. I have access to what is left.

Senator Allen: Was there a bill passed to fund more stickers?

VP Avent: That is a question for the records. They were purchased a couple years ago.

Senator Hill: Should we go about the process to get more?

Chairman Crowder: I second that heavily. We can get them in varying sizes. We have 16 left.

Dr. Conn: Have stickers ever been shlapped on a human, and what are the implications of doing so?

Senator Berry: I motion to refer this sticker issue to PR&R, and bigger ones would be nice.

Chairman Drebot: I would like to point out we are being goofy, and we need to be more serious.

Meeting Recessed 11:49