Session of February 17, 2022

February 17, 2022

Minutes Recorded by: Bethany, Secretary

Visitors: Steve Conn, Samuel Berry

Call to Order at 11:10 AM

Senator prays

Roll Called

Minutes Approved at 11:15

Officer Reports:

Committee Reports:

Chairman Crowder: Student life committee is working on different projects, not many updates.

Chairman Drebot: We have planned debate night. It will be Saturday at 5:00pm. Hopefully there will be free food.

Chairman Shaughnessy: There have been a lot of requests for clubs. We are also going through discussions on how to fund the go cart. We will talk with the student life committee.

Chairman Gonzales: We are working on the sticker situation. We are trying to get different sizes and types.

Special Business:

Old Business:

Chairman Crowder: We decided not to fund a new piano. A citizen or two has asked about tuning other pianos on campus. I would be open to writing legislation to fund tuning pianos on campus. I’ll hopefully be doing that this week for next session.

Chairman Gonzales: Some pianos are so far gone it would be better to replace them than tune them.

Senator Naranjo: Which pianos do you mean?

Chairman Crowder: Practice rooms, Spear, and other public ones.

Senator Allen: If you talk to Dr. Taylor, he knows about the pianos. I would ask him what he expects it to cost.

Citizen Berry: Why is it our responsibility to maintain the pianos?

Chairman Crowder: Dr. Taylor usually has an opportunity for student/faculty to donate money to tune the pianos. This is just a way for us to help.

New Business:

Chairman Drebot: I motion to bring Debate Night Funding Act of 2022 to the floor.

Senator Branch: I would like to bring this bill to a vote.

Bill passes.

Chairman Crowder: Citizen Berry, what is the update on polos?

Citizen Berry: I forgot to forward the size list to Wanda. I will do that today and give an update next session.


Chairman Crowder: Friday ice cream will be happening tomorrow. Strawberry this week. Also, floor snack refills are happening this week. Please only pick up one extra floor snack.

Senator Hofer: Will you separate the extra stuff please?

Chairman Crowder: Yes.

Sergeant Rubingh: Come out to debate night and get food.

Open forum:

Citizen Berry: If you could record debate night, that would be helpful. It is a 3-day weekend so a lot of people will be gone.

Chairman Drebot: We will do what we can to do that.

Senator Hofer: Me and senator Bright spoke with Ms. Debbie about the Calc. II SI. A lot of students who say they will go to an SI will not actually go. So, for now, there will be no SI because students are not even going to Math Lab.

Chairman Drebot: Do we have updates on the town hall thing?

Chairman Crowder: As of now, we are finalizing between committees. We are making the QR codes to send to floors. We narrowed it down to QR code question submissions. It will also help show interest.

Senator Branch: Could there be a reason no one goes to Math Lab, but everyone wants an SI?

Senator Hofer: The professor has confidence that the Math Lab tutors should be sufficient, but students don’t go.

Senator Oden: I have been informed the math lab tutors are not great.

Senator Hofer: Who informed you? What I have heard is try math lab, try a different tutor. If it keeps not working, we will look further into it.

Senator Bright: Be specific about what you need whether it is just a particular homework or an entire concept.

Citizen: I would like to defend math lab and say it is very helpful.

Sergeant Rubingh: Senator Edwards is resigning due to too much going on and a need to focus on class.

Senator Allen: A lot of floors are requesting go cart funding. We are working with student life, but we want to make sure everyone gets funded fairly so we are looking at what is fair and what works. For general club funding, the deadline is this Saturday, but if you can get it in early that is ideal. We are working on getting something passed next week for clubs that don’t need review. After our meeting tonight, I plan to send an email about the go cart decision.

Senator McKurtis: Clubs who have received approval for funding, will they receive that money after the deadline?

Senator Allen: The funding will be available as soon as the bill passes. You will receive notice and it should be transferred into the club’s account.

Chairman Drebot: I did notice a few candidates walked in, so I want to say that debate night is finalized for Saturday. Expect an email with all the information.

Senator Allen: Move for a division of the house.

Meeting Recessed 11:36