Session of January 12, 2023

January 12, 2023

Minutes Recorded by: Sean Koay, Senate Secretary

Visitor(s): Dr. Steve Conn, Senate Mom

Call to Order at 11:05 AM

Senator prays

Roll Called

Minutes Approved at 11:10

Officer Reports:

SGT. Shaughnessy: Just a reminder, only speak when you are called upon and state that your position and last name before you speak. 


PPT. Gonzalez: I would like to thank everyone for helping with the toy drive, Casa East Texas received over 150 toy donations. Holiday season meant that the donations had been low so this toy drive couldn’t have come at a better timing. It means the world to them. 

Committee Reports

Chairman Byrne: We are back on a fresh semester budget. If you have new bills, please bring it forward. Although we are still slightly under this semester, we should be right on track next semester. Club funding have been set up, so please ask them to follow each of the procedure. Inform them to be on time, as if they are late, we will not accept the request. If you are interested in F.A.C, I would love to have you join me and learn the ropes 


Chairman Ko: Last night, I put in all the 2022 Fall head shots on the website. Executive cabinet is working together on something, and there will be an announcement on that soon. 


Chairman Byrne: If your face and name is not on the webpage. I can grab your picture after the meeting 


Old Business:

Chairman Ko: So, the one last thing we have from 2022, is that we have three bills that we never terminated. I just want to know if we can wipe those slate. 


Senator Farmer: Since none of them were brought to a vote why are they wipe? 


VP Crowder: We will table these Bills that until further notice as they aren’t voted on. 

New Business:

VP. Crowder: As yall may know, I sent out an email a couple days ago, included in it is the vision I am hoping to achieve; great things from good deeds. After talking to Dr. Conn, I realized that a lot of the small projects that the Senate have done are those that are remembered for a long time, therefore I would love for us to focus on them. 


I also brought up that club funding and elections are coming up, please let PPT Gonzalez know if you want to volunteer to help. Election is a big project that is coming up, Chairman Drebot is going to head that.  


In addition, if you are considering a chair position, let those people in those position know so you could shadow us. Shadowing the position will let you see the joys and sadness about this position, so if you are interested let me know. 


I also won’t be that active on discord as school is picking up. If it is important call or text me. Thanks for reading the email. There are also some other events happening like the winter wingding, which is tomorrow. 

Open Forum:

Senator McNeil: Supposedly the Belcher gym is under renovation, I don’t know if it is on schedule as it is supposed to open up tomorrow. 


VP. Crowder: As far as I know, it should be on schedule. 


SGT. Shaughnessy: I have gotten wind that some floors want water spicket. 


PPT. Gonzalez: I remember bringing up that exact issue two year ago. The problem is that water fountains are very complicated, every single dorm should have the water spicket on the first floor 


Dr. Conn: The next hiring cycle for impact starts crazy early. The impact informational event is next Wednesday. It is always on the same week on Wednesday the 18th at 6:30PM. I would recommend that you send that out in your weekly emails to your floor. We start with the info event, then we send out the application, and after a while, the hiring event. I would love to get some senators there trying to recruit as well. We did get new banners, Hannah Eisen got new signs for everyone. Our process for election runs separate from hiring, but it is a good time to gauge interest. For executive cabinet, we need to be ready to go that night for the election schedule. We have a little work to do before the event, we need to make sure we are on the same page.  


Senate Mom: First of all, who here has actually been around and been involved in election process. The reason I asked is because there is a grey spot if an alumni can actually help. There should be still a ton of documentation that you can just copy paste, but having a presence at the Impact meeting will help. It is a fun process, but you have to plan out a lot. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. 


Senator Berceir: How long should that event go? 


Dr. Conn: It should take under an hour for the event part, but the event won’t really start on time, so this event should be done at 8. Please wear your senate polo if you can. 


Chairman Byrne: There are 6 or 7 mediums in my closet 


VP Crowder: If you need a different size, we can order some new shirts 


PPT. Gonzalez: when is TFO meeting? 


Senator McNeil: I don’t know yet. 

Motion to Recess 


Recessed at 11:38AM