Session of January 19, 2023

January 19, 2023

Minutes Recorded by: Sean Koay, Senate Secretary

Visitor(s): Abby Leatherman

Call to Order at 11:07 AM

Senator prays

Roll Called

Minutes Approved at 11:11

Committee Reports

Chairman Byrne: Club funding, is next weekend and we need as many people as possible so send an email if you can help out.  


Special Business:

VP. Crowder: We are getting three new senator next week, so we will get more representation soon.  

New Business:

Chairman Hoekstra: Motion to bring Ice Cream Funding Bill of Spring 2023 


PPT. Gonzales: I want to talk how significant ice cream is, it helps us connect with the students and also give students something nice to end the week. However, I would love if we can come up with more ideas that don’t require funding. 


Bill is approved. 


VP. Crowder: As senators you can still send emails to your floors to keep them informed and updated. 


VP. Crowder: There is Friday ice cream this coming Friday. On Monday, Student Life has requested that Senate help serve ice cream at 6:30PM. Please come if you can help out and get free ice cream. Please let me know or show up that night to help out.  

Open Forum:

PPT. Gonzalez: Did we reach out to Dr. Quiett? We want to get Dr. Quiet to come here and give a talk as he heads the TFO, and the counselling centre. There has been some stuff happening and we want to know how to support mental health on campus. 


Chairman Byrne: I have been informed that there is a campus safety meeting and that there is a group of students involved but Senate is not involved. Campus safety is a big deal and Senate may or may not have projects involving that. 


PPT. Gonzalez: On the topic of safety, Library is open till midnight on Sundays and the doors are still open the whole night. These doors do not need any key card to open the door, I hope that we can put this on the radar of campus police. In addition, the student handbook that state that curbs are painted to determine if you can park or not. However, the Thomas turnaround has not been painted. Is that an issue for people in Thomas? There is also a lot of unpainted curbs on campus, which are not regulated in the handbook. It might be on the best interest to be involved in this issue.  


PPT. Gonzalez: Motion to refer this matter to FAC. 


VP. Crowder: Motion to refer this matter to the Student Life Committee. 


Matter is referred to the Student Life Committee. 


PPT. Gonzalez: I have seen campus police drive up on sidewalks and patrol with the light off and I feel like this is dangerous to the students. 


Senator Dennis: I constantly meeting the Chief of Police, and I can bring this up with him. 


PPT. Gonzalez: So since Dennis regularly meets with the chief of police, would you want to be the Senate UPD Liaison. 


SGT. Shaughnessy: Motion for Dennis to be the Senate UPD Liaison. 


Senator Dennis is Senate UPD Liaison. 


VP. Crowder: I was wondering if there are enough people on the Student Life Committee? 


Chairman Hoekstra: There is two on the student life committee but they both don’t show up. 


Chairman Hoekstra: For Friday ice cream, I would be there around 3:30, so please come if you can help out. 


Motion to recess 

Recessed at 11:33