Session of January 26, 2023

January 26, 2023

Minutes Recorded by: Sean Koay, Senate Secretary

Visitor(s): Abby Leatherman, Matthew Strong, and Dr. Conn

Call to Order at 11:04 AM

Senator prays

Roll Called

Minutes Approved at 11:07

Committee Reports

Chairman Byrne: We have a club funding meeting at LH137 this Saturday.  Please come and help, we went from 3 clubs to nearly all the clubs and they all want a lot of money, so please come and help.   


Special Business:

VP. Crowder reads Senator Rubingh's resignation letter. 


Swearing in three new senators. 


Senators Trosen, Robinson, and Burwell sworn in. 

Old Business:

VP. Crowder: Senator Dennis is not in session as his great grandma is passing away. However, he has some updates from the UPD and is looking forward to sharing it next week.  

New Business:

Senator Berceir: Motion to bring a bill to the floor. 


Swing Dance Emergency Fund of 2023 brought to the floor. 


Chairman Byrne: I would like to make it known that we have already given them 1200 last semester to fund this event. We need to be mindful about give clubs money, as we preach that we don’t give money for food, but here it is a bill for food. 


Senator Farmer: Can’t they wait for the club funding? 


VP. Crowder: It will be matched with exec. cab. It was supposed to be in downtown Longview near the ice cream shop and was planned to be a smaller event, but now there could be around 200 people coming to the event. They need it as soon as possible, as February 3rd is next week. 


Chairman Byrne: So last semester we gave $1250, they are putting $1100 towards this dance, and exec. cab will put $1340. The band is around $300, dance floor is $500, $200 for Belcher. It was suggested that they could also use the gym for free, but they didn’t want it. Food is $200 to $300 dollars, therefore $2540 is the total cost. I suggest amending the bill to just $100. 


Bill is amended to $100. 


Motion to bring bill to a vote. 


Bill is passed. 


Senator Berceir: Some people mention that the spickets are gone, I was just curious if we know what happened. 


VP. Crowder: Discussion is saved for open forum. 


VP. Crowder: Swing dance is happening on February 3rd, there is a jazz band that is playing for three hours, so you all should definitely come. It is free to students, but nonstudents have to pay 20 dollars. The information is on the communicator. 


Chairman Drebot is unable to make it today but here are the confirmed dates for the executive position. Interviews are Feb 14 – 17. Signatures are Feb 17 – 24. Debates are Feb 25. Election is Feb 27. Winners are decided on March 1. 

Open Forum:

Senator Berceir: Bringing up what I had asked, but where are the spickets. Was it removed from the first floor? 


VP. Crowder: I have not heard anything about spickett being removed, but we can refer it to the student life committee. 


Items is referred to the Student Life Committee. 


VP. Crowder: Do any of the other dorm have the same issue? 


Senator Burrow: The AC is controlled by facility, but they randomly switch it and we have hot air blowing into a hot room. I was wondering if we could give the RD access to change it. 


VP. Crowder: Which floor? 


Senator Burrow: 3B 


VP. Crowder: Are we aware of who has the keys to the ac unit? 


Dr. Conn: I can ask. Are you saying that the temperature is centrally controlled, but you want it more locally controlled? 


Chairman Ko: We are asking if the RD can have control. 


Dr. Conn: I can ask Ben Goller about this. 


Motion to recess 

Recessed at 11:32