Session of February 2, 2023

February 2, 2023

Minutes Recorded by: Sean Koay, Senate Secretary

Visitor(s): Abby Leatherman, Dr. Quiett, and Dr. Conn

Call to Order at 11:02 AM

Senator prays

Roll Called

Minutes Approved at 11:04

Officer Report:

SGT. Shaughnessy: For the new senators, if you are called on, you should state your role and your last name and stand up before you speak. If it is a quick question, you can do a point of inquiry or point of information to share information.  

Committee Reports

Chairman Hoekstra: On the Thomas water fountain, I am waiting a response from RD. 


Chairman Byrne: It is club funding day so please ask if you have any questions, and also please don’t so it can be done quick. 


VP. Crowder: Check the website for understanding of the bill. 

Old Business:

Senator Dennis: Apparently, it is under their jurisdiction to be able to patrol without their lights on. The small motorbikes that student are using will have more rules in the new student handbook. I forgot to ask about the library, so I will ask next time. 


Chairman Byrne: I have had a few talks with the chief, as we discuss about the zone violations. There are a lot of randoms spots that can get students tickets or towed. The lot for south hall is actually the lot beside south hall. If we want to change the parking situation, we need to bring a petition to the chief so he can change it at his discretion. There are also 9 RA spots, but there are only actually 4 RAs that have car. I would like to as a senate to start a project to solve parking crisis. My committee will try to get the parking reworked as we didn’t have much now. 

New Business:

Chairman Byrne: Motion to bring bill to the floor. 


Club Funding Bill of Spring 2023 


Senator Berceir: Isn’t ASME late? 


VP. Crowder: They have a lot of projects completed and only use minimal fund. The team of ASME are both hard workers and have shown that even with the little money we give them the could further the club a lot. 


Chairman Byrne: Of the two late clubs, ASME and the cooking club. We gave one funds, and everyone here should know why we chose ASME. 


Bill is passed. 


Chairman Hoekstra: There will be ice cream and hot chocolate this week. 


VP. Crowder: Student Body election are coming up so be sure to apply. 

Swing dance event is tomorrow so sign up, there are ways to sign up all around campus and there is also food. 


Open Forum:

Dr. Quiett does his presentation on mental health. 



Dr. Conn: But to agree on everything on what Dr. Quiett said, I am not anti-gaming in any sort of way, but something for yall to think about is what are you not doing because you are spending x number of hours on that game. Is it possible that the healthy habits that you are trying to build is lost on the video game? 


Dr. Quiett: what is the technology trying to change us? Technology is not neutral, but it demands from us. Self-care is now a bad word now from what I hear, but Jesus command us to care for ourselves. Sometimes taking care of yourself is just what you need to build your mental health. 


PPT. Gonzalez: Earlier you mention that if there is an emergency it is the RA that deals with it. Would use of a crisis counsellor be useful for this? 


Dr. Quiett: Yes, initially it is RD, but once it is dealt with, we do recommend them to the correct people to help them. 


Dr. Conn: It is one of the things that you don’t usually know until you know. The RA and RD are not resources, but they are the responders in their situation. If someone fills in the form, we immediately get a notification. 


Dr. Quiett: Remember counselling is confidential, and I can’t even acknowledge that I am seeing that student. 


VP. Crowder: There is the campus health wellness for LeTourneau, so please check it out. As senators, let’s be involved. Counselling center is a great resource so lets take advantage of it, and be more social. 


Dr. Conn: If people want to know more, I would be willing to explain more as it is one of the biggest parts of my jobs. 


Senator Trosen: Can we get the balcony back open? 


Dr. Conn: That is a Pat Mays question and I would recommend you talk to him to address the issue. 


Motion to recess. 


Recessed at 11:47