Session of February 9, 2023

February 9, 2023

Minutes Recorded by: Sean Koay, Senate Secretary

Visitor(s): Abby Leatherman and Dr. Conn

Call to Order at 11:02 AM

Senator prays

Roll Called

Minutes Approved at 11:04

Committee Reports

Chairman Hoekstra: On the Thomas water fountain, I am waiting a response from RD. 


Chairman Byrne: It is club funding day so please ask if you have any questions, and also please don’t so it can be done quick. 


VP. Crowder: Check the website for understanding of the bill. 


PPT. Gonzalez: Next week we will be having associate director of content marketing to give a presentation. He would like to get feedback from the senate on how they could promote the school better, so please talk to your floors if they have any ideas. 

Open Forum:

Senator Farmer: Chairman Drebot said to tell yall, that Nathanael had said he wants the chapel credit raised, but what he actually wants is to reduce the amount of credits needed to be earn at chapel and try to get ways to earn chapel credit outside of chapel. 

Senator Dennis: I talked to a few people regarding election, is there a way to advertise on the election process? 

PPT. Gonzalez: I believe the dates was given in a previous session. 

Chairman Ko: We mentioned informally that interviews are 14-17, and signatures following week, election is on the 27th, and March 1st we will have the results. I can also make an infographic to help promote it. 

Senator Dennis: How do we get the information out other than infographics. 

 PPT. Gonzalez: That is why we have the impact meeting, but if people need a reminder, there were emails sent by either Dr.Conn or Chairman Drebot. If students want to see those dates, they can see it on the senate minute too.


Motion to recess. 


Recessed at 11:13