Session of April 13, 2023

April 13, 2023

Minutes Recorded by: Sean Koay, Senate Secretary  

Visitor(s): Dr. Conn 

Call to Order at 11:05 AM

Senator prays

Roll Called

Minutes Approved at 11:07

Officer Reports:

PPT. Gonzalez: So, as it was decided in the last minute; this is going to be my last session as serving as PPT.  I want to say thank you everyone for the hard work that everyone has put in.


SGT. Shaughnessy: To make it clear if you look at what PPT. Gonzalez, VP. Crowder, and Chairman Byrne is wearing it is business casual, so please dress business casual next session as that is the usual dress code. As I have just been back from a two-week hiatus, I will not be strict about it now. If you have a lab, please let me know as we do make exception. For example, the Secretary is not in dress code as he has a lab after.


Senator Kushner: Will we be provided Senate polos?


Chairman Byrne: We are no longer buying anymore Senate polos.

Committee Reports: 

Chairman Byrne: If we spend minimal money this semester, we would have enough money for next semester to fund most of the club funding, so let’s spend less money.


Special Business:

VP. Crowder: We are swearing in a new senator today.


New Senator is sworn in.


PPT. Gonzalez: I would like to appoint the new senator to the student life committee.


Old Business: 

PPT. Gonzalez: Motion to untable the constitution amendment bill.


Senator Dennis: We saw that a lot of our concerns has been fixed. Although one other concern we had was the co-ed dorms, and how can we prevent male representation for the female floor.


PPT. Gonzalez: The way we change this is to enable more talk about the student government. We only have around six floors represented, I appreciate your concern, but I don’t think it is a concern, and if it is the floors can solve it themselves.


Senator Dennis: That makes sense, it seems like a problem in the future and not now.


Senator Berceir: In section D, look at number 5, it should be a period not a colon.


Chairman Byrne: Motion to bring this bill to a vote.


VP. Crowder: Since this is a constitution amendment, it requires 2/3 of the voting members to pass it.


SGT. Shaughnessy: Before we finish voting, I have a question on what we are going to do as it might appear to the female floors that we are pushing them away.


Chairman Farmer: If they want to be in Senate, it is not that hard, and there is probably an open spot.


Bill is passed.

New business:

Chairman Byrne: Motion to bring a bill to the floor.


Send Off Bill of Spring 2023 is brought to the floor.


Chairman Byrne: Friendly amend the bill to write as only current senators.


Bill is passed.


Senator Standard: Motion to bring a bill to the floor.


Dorm4 Lounge Bill of 2023


PPT. Gonzalez: So, in the past year, we have a bill like this been passed, but most of these bills should not be passed as funds cannot be passed directly to the floor. Senate sponsored funds need to be open the student body, and bill like this should not be passed.


Senator Dennis: I will support the claim that other floors do go hang out in the floor and is used by a lot of people.


PPT. Gonzalez: Honestly, I think the better solution is that instead of buying a specific floor a projector, it might better if senate buy a few projectors that can be rented out and if people want the projector they could be rented out. This would prevent controversy and address the needs. That said people can access the Glaske if needed.


Chairman Byrne: Economically speaking, it would be better to put this on standby until the next semester. We could pass a bill next semester to give each floor this much money to add to their floor funding, and it would prevent floors from coming in asking for money.


Senator Stanard: We could also state that only the floors with senators will get the extra funding.


PPT. Gonzalez: Motion to table the bill till next semester.


Bill is tabled till next semester.


PPT. Gonzalez: I would like to inform everyone that the board is on campus today so be nice to them and let them know if you have any concerns.


PPT. Gonzalez: Dr. Conn can’t be here as he is at the board meeting, but he wanted to let the senators know that there is NSO coming up. NSO is the New Student Orientation. I have cards up here with QR codes to help volunteer, this is to volunteer for the general helper position which includes stuff like helping to make them feel welcome on campus. Especially for incoming Chairman, PPT, and VP, it would be appreciated for yall to come out and get your faces known.


Incoming Student Body President David Fuentes had a letter for everyone.


Hello Acting President Crowder, 


I will be absent from Senate on Thursday since I will be at the board meeting. I ask that you read my statement 



"I apologize for my absence but am at the board meeting. However an update from the incoming Exec Cab is concerning that the Student Handbook Commission is going well and we have just finished a meeting with Chief Schultz, the volunteer drive will start next semester and we will cooperate with the animal shelter Longview Paws, the chapel poll is almost finished and will have its finishing touches in the coming week, there have been discussions concerning better exposure for the athletics schedule revolving around an exec cab weekly email and the schedule on the student center screens (all of these are tentative and nothing is concrete though), I am also looking at ways of having better accountability and transparency between the Executive Cabinet and the student body so a lot of the miscommunications can be resolved, Finally, all the appointed officials have been finalized and will be 


Emma Smith-Executive Manager 

Max Keyes-Executive Development Officer 

Paige Thomas-Executive Secretary 


All these appointments are volunteers. Their profiles are on the Executive Cabinet section on the Senate website, the pictures will be updated after the inauguration (in order to ensure they come and dress properly). 


I also have big plans for Senate and will be discussing them more in-depth with the incoming Vice President Byrne. I would also like to offer my congratulations to the newly elected PPT Jake Farmer and the newly appointed chairs as well, I look forward to working with each and every one of you". 


Very Respectfully, 

David Fuentes 


PPT. Gonzalez: Motion to recess.


Recess is denied.

Open Forum:

Chairman Ko: I am here to present Lockdown Drill Resolution Bill.


Senator Kushner: Are professor and faculty going to be trained for the lockdown drill?

Chairman Ko: It won't hurt, but the resolution was more about treating it more seriously first.


Bill is tabled.


Motion to Recess.

Recessed at 11:49