Session of April 27, 2023

April 27, 2023

Minutes Recorded by: Sean Koay, Senate Secretary  

Visitor(s): Steve Conn, Laura Cobb, Vincent Knox, Senate Mom, President Fuentes

Call to Order at 11:06 AM

Senator prays

Roll Called

Minutes Approved at 11:08

Officer Reports:

SGT. Shaughnessy: I am resigning so we need a new SGT. 


VP. Byrne: Due the little that the SGT. Do, that role has been absorbed. 

The SGT. position has been moved under the PPT. position.  

Special Business:

PPT. Farmer: Kaleb Robinson to be Chairman of Student Life, Gavin Smith to be Chairman of FAC, Francis Ko to be Chairman of PR&R, Jake Drebot to be Chairman of Go Pro. 


Former VP Crowder: Gives resignation speech. 


SGT. Shaughnessy: Gives his resignation from Senate.  


Senator Brown: Gives her resignation from Senate. 


Cameron Crowder to be Supreme Chancellor. 


VP. Byrne: Senate dinner this Sunday at buffalo wild wings, Ms. Wanda will be there. Super Senate Friday Ice Cream will be provided this week too. 


President Fuentes: Tonight, LSM Spirit night at 7, Saturday YAC final eve eve at the IM’s Field, Sunday is midnight breakfast from 9 to11. Monday is soft serve ice cream in the morning. 


Open Forum:

Senator McNeil: We have SI Blitz this Saturday, and we still need one more person to help volunteer. 


Laura Cobb talks about the SAGA Situation 


Laura Cobb: When you say you are served raw food can you state where you are getting the raw food? I cannot solve what I don’t know. The problem used to be overcook chicken and I have been giving chicken grilling lessons, and I have made chefs stand behind the cooks to make sure they know how to cook the chicken. 


Citizen Knox: Mom’s and RG Grill is usually undercook and the rice is also usually undercooked.  


Senator Bercier: Most student has talked about the problem, but nothing has been done about it. 


Laura Cobb: I need to be the person to be talked to as I am the person in charge to solve this. Managers and Chefs are the ones to solve the problem. 


Senate Mom: There are system for communication, you can communicate from the Buzz App.  


Laura Cobb: Food is my passion and I grade myself any higher than any of you can even grade me. 


Senator Farmer: The pizza has always been raw even in the last week. 


Laura Cobb: I had thought I fixed that; I will check that again. 


Senator Robinson: If we can have to comment cards at the bulletin board that would be helpful too. 


Senator Dennis: is there any way to communicate through email to? 


Laura Cobb: Here is my cell number: 903-241- 2208 TEXT ME! email: Laura.cobb@cafebonappetit 

I have asked my marketing department to come up with a QR that would provide students with the GM’s and chef’s information, so you can scan and give comments. 


Senator Kushner: Do you think there need to be a few more options for students that want to eat healthy things. It is hard to eat healthy food if you don’t want salad in everything. The salad dressing at saga are mostly cream based it would be nice to bring back oil sauce. The hours are also interesting, the hive workers were also very rude, she said she couldn’t make me a smoothie because she was the only one working. It has happened several times, I have asked for a coffee, and they won’t make me that coffee as they are the only one working.  


Laura Cobb: Hours in the café are determined by LeTourneau, and it is determined by the traffic report. To have food not served to you, it is never okay to not serve you. I will have that address this. Hive will continue to remain open till 9. 


Motion to Recess. 

Recessed at 11:54